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Miami Beach House: A Design Fit for the Tropics

Get ready to explore the tropics! This Miami Beach house is a vintage dream oasis that brings together the best of old and new. It pairs the architecture of a classic Hollywood Hills bungalow—meandering paths and rambling rooms—with the vibrant palette and deep textures of modern tropical design. Once these elements combined, this home became just right for a couple from New York City.

When our clients relocated from the Big Apple, they found a perfect hideaway in the middle of the hustle bustle of Miami Beach. But due to age, it needed a bit of help to bring it into the 21st century.

They had a vision of how they wanted to freshen up and modernize the home, while still keeping the classic elements. All they needed was a design partner for this interior renovation and design project who listened to their needs and complemented their vision! That’s when we stepped in. We couldn’t have been happier to help this couple achieve their dream Miami Beach house.

Connecting the Dots with Our Design Concept


With a pool that cascades into the intracoastal, this waterfront property contains three structures connected by gardens and wandering paths. In addition to the main house, there’s a guest house and a modern tiki hut. It was important that not only did we connect these structures, mesh the outside with the inside, but also modernize while enhancing the original characteristics of the home.

That’s where our design concept comes in! Vibrancy of the Tropics allows us to combine the best of old and new, classic and modern, bright and subtle into one fun and playful package.

Miami Beach House Interior Renovation

The concept starts with the color palette, which is straight out of a tropical garden: deep navy, emerald green, marigold, and blush pink. One can’t help but feel alive and happy in a garden (or a home!) filled with such bright, rich hues.

Speaking of marigold—it’s one of the colors we used to connect the entire property. The living room fireplace’s unique tile is pink and marigold, and that hue is then carried onto the home’s staircase. We wanted to bring that sparkling yellow tone outside too. So we ensured the modern outdoor furniture was covered in marigold.

This stunning Miami Beach house had vintage black-and-white striped awnings. We didn’t want to remove that character, so we simply complemented the awnings with deep emerald green shutters on all the windows. Pairing modern tropical with vintage tropical for a perfect match.

The palette allows us to tie together all the elements of the design and architecture, uniting them and making the home feel cohesive.

Bringing the Concept to Life

It’s no surprise that clients who picked out such a dreamy home also already had beautiful, exquisite taste in furniture. We all loved their selections, but this Miami Beach house still didn’t feel warm, welcoming, or cozy.

With our vendor connections and eye for selecting the right finishes (along with additional furniture and accessories), we complemented and completed our clients’ vision for their home.

The heart of the home (living, dining, and kitchen) already had great flow. As a bonus, the home also has hidden spaces to discover: a media lounge and speakeasy-style bar hidden behind the kitchen and the cozy nook office that would be right at home in the California countryside.

It was our job to unite the rooms that were already connected as well as highlight the hidden spaces. In addition to our palette, light and textured materials became the thread that bound everything together.

We covered the ceilings and walls of the heart of the home with lightly textured wallcoverings to add warmth to the open spaces. Over a gorgeous arched window wall we draped sheer curtains to lend depth and a bit of sultry tropical vibes. Can’t you just envision a warm breeze blowing those sheers in and out?

This is just the beginning for this cool interior renovation project! We’re so excited to share with you the entire design process—and of course the finished reveal. Stick around and see how we bring the vibrancy of the tropics to a Miami Beach house.






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