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Miami-Based Top Interior Design Firm DKOR Interiors Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Fifteen years ago today Ivonne Ronderos turned her passion for customer service into a new venture—DKOR Interiors. She started dreaming up ways to transform homes and improve families’ quality of life. Thus begins the story of one of today’s top interior design firms in Miami.

DKOR Interiors started with a mission to give customers something that the interior design industry was lacking—service and empathy. And that mission has molded DKOR into what it is today: a passionate, thoughtful family coming together to create client-centric interior designs.

As of today, DKOR has grown to just under 20 team members. Each one brings their own style and personality to our work. But the most important part is that every DKORista has the same core values and focus on the client with which Ivonne began the business.

Whether working in Miami or with an international client, that care and compassion remain the same. There’s no residential interior design project too small to get DKOR’s full attention. We’re dedicated to getting the details right, from concepting a design to budget development and project management to accessorizing and staging the final touches.

Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary

As we look back at the excitement of the past 15 years, we’re the most grateful for those who shared this journey with us. Thank you to all of our clients, vendors, and extended teams for being part of this adventure. Their support has been the key to our success in being one of the best interior designers in Miami. We’re so lucky to have built such a supportive design community!

Our goal since day one has been to create luxurious and innovative homes that are intimately connected to our clients and their families. We would like to extend a warm thank you to all of our past and current clients for allowing us to bring their dreams to life.

Our team’s dedication through the years has allowed us to grow into the company and family we are today. We’ve shared many achievements and learned many lessons, but we still have so much more to accomplish in the coming years. We can’t wait to create more dream homes together.

Residential Interior Design: DKOR Dream Homes

Get to know these special DKORistas and learn about some of their favorite projects.

Miami-based Interior Design Firm Anniversary
The DKOR team – 15th Anniversary


Each one of the homes we’ve worked on over the past 15 years has been special for our design team. Here are three highlights for the members of our top interior design firm:

A Miami Modern Home

Living room space from our Miami Modern Home project


This project was the milestone we needed as a team to leave all of our limitations behind. We were unstoppable from this moment on. This timeless design will always be a pleasure to look back on. – Ivonne Ronderos


Contemporary Waterfront Elegance

This home is the perfect blend of modern with beach and cozy textures. I’ll never forget our client’s words when she walked into them home for the final reveal, “this is the best way to move into a home!” – Margaret Smith


Cocoplum Contemporary Oasis

Interior Design Project in Coral Gables by Miami Top Interior Design Firm


What I loved the most about this project is all the rich textures in the home, they are serene and light in color but each room has an impactful material that makes the home feel very warm and cozy. – Marianna Cerullo Di Bella 

Modern Wonderland Home

Colorful Boys Bedroom from Modern Wonderland Project


A one-of-a-kind home where color was the source of inspiration, a beautiful wonderland! Love the happy feelings these home interiors inspire! – Anahi Carrillo 


Breezy Miami Estate

Interior Design Project by Miami Top Interior Design Firm


Beautiful contemporary interiors that make you feel at home, relaxed and cozy. – Silvia Parra


Take a look at our residential design portfolio to see more of our work.

Top Interior Design Firm – Awards and Recognitions

What’s even better than working with amazing people on spectacular homes? Being recognized by our community and peers for our work.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been honored to receive many awards given to the top interior design firms for residential interior design. From being awarded the Best of Houzz for seven years in a row to making Luxe’s Gold List for four years, these honors are the cherry on top of the work we do.

Awards and Recognitions Logos - DKOR Interiors


Thank you all again for coming along with us on this design journey. We can’t wait to see what the next 15 years have in store for us!

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