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Let Our Miami-Based Designers Set Your Table with Target Picks


While we love a whole-room makeover, revamping the little spaces can make just as big of an impact on a space. It’s all in the details, after all. Today, we’re tackling one spot that can be overlooked quite often: the kitchen table.

You might collect new napkins, glassware, or flatware through the years, but how often do you give your kitchen table an overhaul? Chances are it’s been years. But this surface offers an affordable space to experiment with trends that you can switch up with the seasons or are testing out because you might want to transition to the rest of your home.

Everyone loves seeing a beautiful table setting at Thanksgiving or a special occasion, but it’s just as nice to have a well-dressed table on any day of the week. We’ve combined our Miami design sensibilities to share one look we’re currently crushing on—and it’s budget-friendly because all of the pieces are from Target.

It’s so easy to recreate, too. We’re loving the organic, earthy vibe these sage, forest, white, and black hues are giving to this table. You’ll also notice, we’ve mixed and matched glassware. Who says you have to use your everyday water glasses for dinner on a Wednesday night. Spice it up with a coordinating set of goblets! While you can always pick up more formal pieces like table runners and tablecloths, we opted for a more casual look and added a touch of class with cloth napkins and onyx flatware.

Check out the shopping guide our Miami-Based Designers prepared, and you’ll be inspired to invite over the whole family for a casual weekend brunch – in style.


Target Picks

Let Our Miami-Based Designers Set Your Table with Target Picks




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