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Master Bedroom Design at a Fort Lauderdale Dream Condo

Our clients — a young, active couple — came to us to create their Fort Lauderdale dream condo as a home-away-from-home. They love relaxing, livable spaces with a Mid-Century Modern-meets-beachy style, and most importantly, they wanted a comfortable feel with a luxury look.

First, we’ll dive into the master bedroom plans and final outcome.

Fort Lauderdale Condo Master Bedroom Design Intent

In this Auberge Beach condo’s master bedroom, our goal was to make the most of the breathtaking ocean views. Our clients’ main concern was the size of this bedroom — it’s a bit on the smaller side for a master suite — and making it feel luxurious and hotel-like.

Fort Lauderdale Condo Master Bedroom Design
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

By incorporating a neutral color palette, taking down some existing doors and rearranging the layout, the space now feels much bigger and has a better flow.

Our DKORistas decided to create an open-concept closet that would give more amplitude to the space and make the whole master suite feel more open. To prevent the entire room from feeling like a closet, we made sure the closet corner felt very unique by using beautiful and elegant materials, LED accent lighting and an integrated silhouette with a wood ledge to provide the built-in look — by doing this, the carpentry feels like it’s meant to be in the space.

Master Closet Design Intent

 Master Bedroom Final Look

As you can see, the L-shaped closet our DKORistas created in collaboration with Ornare inside this master bedroom added more storage space and developed a luxury look — what we’re known for! Our favorite element in this room is actually the reflection that these closet doors create. Our clients are able to look at the ocean from the window and closet.  

The master closet was the main feature in this bedroom. To complement it, we created a ledge that connected the closet space to the other end of the room. To accentuate that connection, we extended a soffit over it as well. This created a nice — and functional — vanity nook with the opportunity of adding wallcovering, a piece of art and a slim contemporary desk chair.

For this luxury condo master bedroom’s interior design, we chose light finishes for the bed and bedside tables as part of the home’s design concept, shadow refuge. A beautiful, rich yet casual linen headboard acts as a perfect backdrop for the organic gold wall sculptures above the bed. Plus, to add a special touch to the floor, we used a herringbone pattern in this bedroom only.  The pattern added a hierarchy to the master bedroom and the additional texture that it was missing.

Overall, we also went with a non-traditional furniture layout in this master suite. In general you wouldn’t want your headboard wall against your exit, but after completing different layout studies and adding the open-concept closet, this was the most functional approach.

We love how the master bedroom turned out — and so do our clients! We’re excited to unveil the rest of this Fort Lauderdale dream condo soon. Stay tuned for more final looks. You are going to love them!

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