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Marianna Reviews ICFF – Miami Interior Designers share what inspires them


If you’re keeping up with the blog, you’ve noticed this top interior design firm was just at ICFF soaking up some inspiration. DKOR Designer, Marianna, clocks in this week on her favorite vendor from the annual ICFF Design Trade Show. Lighting vendor, Cerno Group, was on the top of Marianna’s list and we wanted to share with all of our interior design fans their beautiful products!

“I think one of the most relatable aspects of Cerno is their approach to business and design,” Marianna says. “Their philosophy is summed us as: ‘The process of taking an intangible concept and developing it into a fully resolved finished light fixture is intoxicating. One could liken it to an artist’s final stroke to complete a painting or a mechanic repairing the seemingly irreparable. It’s this visceral sense of accomplishment that inspires us to continue designing and building things.'”

We love that their approach to design is so heartfelt, just like ours at DKOR! When you have passion, you automatically create beauty! and we are a bunch of passionate Miami interior designers! Head over to their website for a full run-down of their innovative designs:

DKOR Faves:





This wall sconce below, we used in our project; Sophisticated Getaway in the Master Bedroom ! Click here to check out how we incorporated this into one of our Miami Interior Design Projects.



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