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Make a Statement with Your Powder Room Design

One of our favorite rooms to design at DKOR Interiors is the powder room. Also referred to as a guest bathroom, it’s that half bathroom on the ground floor for guests to use. It consists of a toilet, a sink and maybe lots of interesting design details. We love to design this space because, due to its small size and scaled-down proportions, we can experiment and go bold! It’s a space that can serve as the epitome of your home’s design, where the concept is defined through the use of materials, their application and the mood created.

One of its functions is an important one: to make visitors feel comfortable. And if you go bold with your powder room’s design, you can impress them with its wow factor!

In this post, we offer some design tips on how to make your powder room stand out, and show you a collection of some of our favorite powder room designs by our South Florida interior designers.



Color and wallpaper are two great ways to make your powder room design stand out. First, pick a wall to which you can add an accent that will make the biggest impact on the design. Then, have some fun selecting a bright color palette and/or a wallpaper with a bold pattern. By combining paint and wallpaper in a creative way, you can make a quick transformation to your powder room without breaking the bank.

In a large space, bold wallpaper with colorful patterns might be overwhelming. But in a small space such as a powder room, you don’t have to worry. So have fun and create a beautiful vibrant powder room design!

Powder Room Design Miami Residence
Powder Room Design Miami Residence


Adequate storage is essential, especially in bathrooms where there are so many small items to stash away. When we design powder rooms for our clients, we like to add creative storage solutions to ensure that the space will stay organized.  Depending on your space and budget, be sure to add cabinets, drawers, shelves, storage baskets, or small closets for extra toiletries and daily essentials. In this powder room design, our team added a creative floor-to-ceiling storage solution on one side of the room. Its colors go perfectly with the artistic surface by Alex Turco

Condo Design Powder Room Design


Your powder room is your chance to be daring with your home’s interior design. Make it the star of the show! Because this is not an ordinary bathroom, you can think outside the box. Use this small space to show off your personality and showcase interesting design elements making a showstopper design statement. Make every inch count!

Powder Room Design Statement
Interior Design - Powder Room Design


Make the powder room into a sensory experience, mixing materials that create visual interest. Blend textures, colors, and finishes on all possible surfaces. We love the combination and variety of materials used in the powder room in our “Woven Architecture” design project. As designers, we are experts on knowing how to successfully put together various materials: although they are different in tones and materials, you can see how beautifully everything comes together in a complete picture.

Powder Room Designs


Never underestimate the power of a bathroom mirror! Using large mirrors in small spaces is a great option to make the space seem larger, because it creates the illusion of depth and amplitude. Because mirrors reflect light, they can also brighten up the whole room. And it goes without saying that they are stunning decorative elements as well. See for yourself in these two examples of the creative use of a stunning mirror in a half bathroom.


One of the most visible elements in the powder room, why not make it special? Add an extra special touch adding an unique vanity with a spectacular design. We promise you, this one element will instantly add style to the space and take the design to another level.

Powder Room Design by DKOR Interiors
Powder Room Design Miami Condo

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