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Luxury Interior Design: Behind the Design of Two Stunning Master Bedrooms

We’ve been working on this spec project with the Columbus, Ohio-based real-estate development company, Schottenstein Real Estate Group, for about three years now. We’ve shared with you a bit of the progress we’ve been making throughout the years—from the exterior design to our luxury interior design concept for the inside of the home. Most recently, we shared our plans to create unique spaces out of some often-overlooked rooms: the staircases, wine bar, and more.

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group wanted to bring something new to Palm Beach with this 16,500-square-foot spec home. We’ve poured over every element to create interior spaces with rich, luxury materials and impressive architectural elements. And what’s more unique and new than two master bedrooms? This stunning home has one on each floor, so that the home’s future residents can feel in the lap of luxury no matter where they rest their heads at night.

We’ve included furniture and more in our 3D renderings to provide direction and guidance—and because when you’re working on a luxury interior design project it’s all in the details.

First Floor Master Bedroom

Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach
Lago-a-Lago Palm Beach Contemporary


Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Design
Master Bedroom – Interior Materials

Before you even step foot in the first-floor master bedroom, there’s an impactful foyer, complemented by hidden kitchenette storage in the hallway. The pops of blue continue here in the veining of the Calcutta marble backsplash and the deep navy satin carpentry.

They carry into the mini-foyer on the artwork we’ve suggested be selected. The foyer features room for a layered vignette, complete with an ottoman and lighting element. This creates the feeling that the master bedroom is in a world all its own. It is meant to be entered into with the same respect and intentionality that you’d enter someone’s home, bringing all of your good energy with you.

Now you’re ready to see the lavishly appointed first-floor master bedroom.

Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom Design – Lago-a-Lago Palm Beach Contemporary

Master Bedroom – Material Selection

Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Master Bedroom


Though there is ample space for a desk and a seating area, this master bedroom is all about the focal point: the bed. Wall-to-wall wood veneers in a chic shade of gray created an oversized headboard effect. Above the contoured headboard, silver sheers are up-lit, creating a dramatic effect akin to a stage.

The inset ceiling offers the perfect chance to highlight an eye-catching chandelier or lighting fixture. The stunning fixture we’ve suggested in our 3D rendering is sizable, branching out to fill up most of the inset space. It’s the kind of oversized grandeur befitting this luxury interior design project.

Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Master Bedroom


We used floor-to-ceiling curtains and inset lighting to draw the eye up, lengthening the 9-foot ceilings even more. We also layered sheers over blackout shades for both privacy and the ultimate sleep environment. A beautiful fireplace is across from the bed.  A gray-toned Phillip Jeffries wallcovering framed the fireplace.

Luxury Interior Design – Progress Photos

Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Progress


Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Progress


Second Floor Master Bedroom


Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Master Bedroom
Design Intent – Second Floor Master Bedroom


What this bedroom lacks for in ground-floor access to the pool and lush gardens, it more than makes up for with dramatic architectural elements. Let’s start with the ceiling. The geometric ceiling is inspired by the cut of a gemstone, faceted to highlight the sparkling center, which houses a stunning halo-like lighting element.

The way the panels have been created draws the eye up to any fixture placed in the center—so you know we had to make it a good one.


Luxury Interior Design - Palm Beach Master Bedroom


This bedroom features a much more contrasting color palette: light versus dark.

Second Floor Master Bedroom – Material Selection

Luxury Interior Materials

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the eye-catching floating headboard. Set out from the wall to allow for hidden storage behind it, the bed is floating in the middle of the room. It is anchored by a high polished marble structure that has been inlaid with brass for even more sparkle.

The brass inlay carries down onto the inset wood flooring, framing the bed in the most dramatic and luxurious of fashions. A built-in, upholstered wingback headboard adds flair and cocoons the bed just enough for it to feel tucked away, while being front-and-center.

Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains offer privacy, while, again, blackout curtains provide the ultimate in sleep and relaxation. The same black-framed windows from the rest of the house can be seen here, continuing the contrast between dark and light.

Palm Beach Luxury Home

The perfect place for a seating area is across from the bed. The area features dark, almost wenge wood wallcoverings. With the stage for drama set by the floating headboard, it seemed right that our team should ensure this area can compete, but not overshadow that space.

A gray marble pedestal on the left-hand side of the wall becomes the perfect place to highlight oversized art.

Palm Beach Luxury Home


Like its downstairs companion, the second-floor master bedroom also has a well-appointed kitchenette. The kitchenette’s backsplash is the same gray marble from the bedroom’s chic pedestal. Black metal and chic gray satin flat-front cabinets frame the kitchenette’s backsplash. A floating marble shelf offers open storage for the chicest of everyday essentials.

Textured wallcoverings, the wood door, and black matte handle lend depth and warmth, while tying the space to the bedroom.

This luxury bedroom is coming along beautifully! We can’t wait to see it complete.

Progress Photos

Luxury Interior Details - Ceiling Design


Luxury Interior Details - Master Bedroom Progress

Stay tuned for more updated on this luxury interior design project!

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