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Looking to upgrade your Master bathroom? Check this Renovation in Miami Beach!

Culturally  ModernA Miami Beach Renovation

by Marianna 

Good Morning DKORistas!

This time I wanted to share with you this impactful Master bathroom renovation in Miami Beach we did. In most of our projects, we’re able to create a master piece by redoing the entire area;  demoing walls, move plumbing and playing with the entire materiality involved in the bathroom, BUT NOT THIS TIME! Our amazing “CulturallyModern” clients came to us with the challenge of creating a beautiful masterbathroom fulfilling all their needs, but keeping the layout, and all of the tile already installed. We obviously accepted the challenge and are excited to show you the inside tips on how we did it.

Lets first take a look at this Master bathroom BEFORE our renovation in Miami Beach:

Renovation in Miami Beach
BEFORE Miami Master Bathroom

As soon as we walked into the area our eyes did not know where to look at; too many elements, colors, and 2 under-scale vanities made the room hard to appreciate.  The client didn’t like the textured “crema eda” marble application surrounding the tub but for cost purposes refused to remove it.

The oportunity was clearly in front of us. We were going to focus on 2 main design elements; a focal point with a pop of color and toning down the yellow marble color with white paint. When you’re working with a material that you’re not crazy about, look for a color undertone that that existing material has that you do like, and run with it. Incorporate the most appealing color within that material and apply it in all of the surrounding spaces. For example in this project, that particular existing textured “crema eda” had speckles of white so we painted the surrounding walls in the bathroom white and incorporated a new bright accent color to remove attention from it.

Inspired with our client’s favorite color teal,  and always keeping in mind our concept: “Contemporaries in a Cultural Home,”  we proposed an Aqua mosaic from Walker Zanger that had an ethnic look but was timeless and impactful at the same time. We installed it in a vertical application to make the vanity nook look taller versus wider. To make it more grand and catch your eyes even more, we created a custom round mirror with our carpenter to fill the big space, and we paired it with 2 simple and minimalistic wallsconces.

Renovation in Miami Beach

To bring the modern look to the room, and not overpower the mosaic and mirror, we designed vanities using wenge wood cabinets and floating white quartz countertop.

Another great and simple design touch element that cannot be missed is the application of a beautiful light fixture, and the tub area was perfect for this. In here we installed a beautiful West elm light that complemented the sconces, has volume but light enough to the eye.

Renovation in Miami Beach

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Interior Design is not only about brand new spaces, is to work with existing areas and sees their potential to make it functional and better.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and impactful renovation in Miami Beach project as much as we did. Stay tuned for more transformations in this beautiful home.


Dkor Residential Interior Designer

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