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Making Custom Furniture for one of our South Florida Interior Design projects!

As interior designers we are always looking for great vendors and manufacturers, luckily a challenge in looking for the right product, led us to a great new resource and it happened to be locally made.

We are currently working with a family that has a limited dining room space but ideally can fit 12 people comfortably around a round dining room chair. In order to accomplish this, we needed to find the right chair with no more than 21″ width. Throughout our search for the right product; price, style, price etc. we always try to purchase locally before resorting to vendors that are out of our reach but even within all our massive resource library, we were unable to find something that our client would love that was already made that was comfortable in that size. With this said, we resorted to have them custom made and to be honest, I am glad that we did because we were able to support a local manufacturer;  NEW DESIGN FURNITURE. I will admit, there is a risk with making “custom furniture.” It could turn out to be great, or a complete disaster so I suggest you find a reputable maker and make sure to take the time to understand the options that they will present to you in terms of cushions, foams etc. and pay them a visit along the process to ensure you’re getting exactly what you expect. Unfortunately as the interior designer, if things go wrong and you were the one that suggested to your client to go this route, you will be the one to blame :(.

Abiding by our professional advice, today we had the pleasure of visiting them to see first hand the process of making furniture. Take a look!

p.s… Stay tuned in a few months to see how these dining chairs take part of our of our favorite interior designed spaces.


Custom Furniture in one of our South Florida Interior Design projects



“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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