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ITALGRES Miami showroom offers variety to DKOR residential design projects

Residential design projects typically include the interior design of different areas, including bathrooms. Nowadays, creating the perfect, functional and comfortable bathroom space is just as essential as the other spaces within a home or an office.

When our interior designers were developing the interior design of the new DKOR studio, three bathrooms were included in the space planning. Not only was correct placement of these spaces important but also a comfortable and functional design was needed.

We didn’t want boring typical bathroom designs, so the interior design team incorporated the “DKOR city” design concept and made sure to create unique interiors that make these small rooms stand out.

The design challenge was to create different bathroom designs that match the industrial style used through all the spaces of the studio while giving each bathroom its own personality through a distinctive design.

For the bathroom located on DKOR Studio’s kitchen area our interior designers came out with the design idea shown below. More than just a utilitarian space, this bathroom represented an opportunity to show off our creative flair and express our interior design firm’s style.


Residential design developed by DKOR Interiors
Choosing the right material for a bathroom is a crucial step in the design process. Materials really help achieve the look you are going for. For that reason, knowing the extensive tile options they offer, we asked ITALGRES Miami to guide us with the tile selection for this bathroom. Through their insightful tile expertise, they helped us find the best tile options that fit the desired industrial style.


Residential design developed by DKOR Interiors
Wood porcelain tiles were provided by ITALGRES to create this remarkable design feature.


ITALGRES is a tile manufacturing company and distributor whose products appeal to those who want exclusive, high quality materials. The company is distinguished by excellence in customer service, their technical support, and the diversity the product and applications. The showroom has many selections for any kitchen, bathroom, outdoor or indoor application.

DKOR interior’s design teams love to work with ITALGRES! See the material selections that were provided by ITALGRES on some of our previous residential design projects in these photos shared here.


ITALGRES Miami showroom - DKOR residential design
Pool bath of our interior design project “Edge of Modernism” in Canada


DKOR residential design projects
Master bathroom enhanced with ITALGRES’s tiles – “Contemporary Moody Home” by DKOR Interiors


DKOR residential design projects
Contemporary Twilight” – Residential Interior Design Project in Aventura, Florida


DKOR residential design projects
Pool bath of our residential project “Contemporary Comfort” with Sepulveda Porcelain on flooring


Thank you ITALGRES for all your help turning an ordinary bathroom into a practical, stylish, and modern space for our DKORistas!

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