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Internship at Top Miami Interior Design Firm

Internship at Top Miami Interior Design Firm - DKOR Interiors

Hello everyone! My name is Laila, and I had the very fortunate experience of interning at a top Miami interior design firm, DKOR Interiors. Admittedly, I was very nervous when I first stepped foot into the residential design firm coming from a small city in Iowa where I attended Iowa State University. From the moment arrived at DKOR, everyone was so warm and welcoming, and made me feel at home right away.

On the first day as an interior design intern, I experienced the Monday morning meeting. The meeting consisted of going through each of the residential design projects, what needs to be done for the week, and any exciting team news. Although I was very confused at first, I received great insight about how DKOR Interiors works right off the bat. Throughout the rest of the week, I tried to familiarize myself with DKOR’s current interior design projects and the design library full of vendor catalogs and products available only through the top Miami interior design firm.

Throughout my internship with a top Miami interior design firm, there were simple tasks that were requested of me, but I wanted to push myself and learn as much as possible. I was continuously offering my assistance to the designers on any of their projects. Ask and you shall receive! My offering enabled me to participate in so much more than what was initially requested of me.

I collaborated on space planning, furniture and material selections, lighting fixture selections, site visits, design concept meetings, concept presentations and basically every part of the design process.   My efforts paid off when I, along with the two other interns at the time, we were assigned a design project of our very own.  The “intern design project” was to develop, plan, present, and execute a new DKOR Design Library and Staff Lounge for the Miami Design Studio. This great opportunity allowed our team of interns to apply the on the job skills we were learning with the experience of working within client design requests and budget limitations. The designer’s at DKOR Interiors, acting as our client gave us helpful tips on design concepts, selections, and tips for presenting to a client.


Internship at Top Miami Interior Design Firm - DKOR Interiors
Working on the staff lounge for the Miami Design Studio


Internship at Top Miami Interior Design Firm - DKOR Interiors
Participating in a concept presentation


Internship at Top Miami Interior Design Firm - DKOR Interiors
I also had the opportunity to collaborate on lighting fixture selections


The most important part of my experience, aside from the real life learning experiences during my time at DKOR, and seeing what occurs behind the scenes, what I appreciated the most was the people and culture at DKOR Interiors. Never in my life have I experienced such passionate and friendly people that are willing to help you through in every situation. Everyday at DKOR I was treated with respect and like I was one of the DKORistas. After my first week, I didn’t even feel like an intern anymore, I felt as if I was one of the team members. I am so happy and fortunate that I was able to get to know each and every one of the team members at DKOR Interiors. They have provided me with an experience that I will never forget.

With that being said, THANK YOU to all of the wonderful team members at DKOR’s Miami Design Studio!

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