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International Internship at DKOR’s Miami Interior Design Studio

International Internship at DKOR's Miami Interior Design Studio
My first day at DKOR Interiors


The internship at top Miami Interior Design Studio, DKOR gave me great insight into the world of interior design.  Although, my education and training derived from my involvement with the fashion industry in Germany, I have always been deeply interested in interior design.  Before my arrival at DKOR, I knew looking into the world of interior design would inspire me but it was during my stay that I valued this opportunity much more as I saw how successful this Miami interior design team is.

My first day at DKOR Interiors was a special one as the whole interior design team was busy with a photo shoot.  DKOR Interiors, at the time an all-female team, was chosen for a campaign among hundreds of companies as a great example of empowered all female team. The Miami Interior Design Studio was excited and buzzing; nevertheless, everyone welcomed me and was interested in learning more about me and my international internship opportunity.

After that first day of flashing lights and social events, everyday work resumed.   Day to day tasks were not less interesting although the DKOR interior design team noted that I was never assigned typical “intern work”.  As an intern, you may not be designing the next dream home but you actually can do a lot of other very helpful and important things for the team. Every design team member appreciates your help and makes you feel like a part of the interior design team. The wonderful thing about the international internship at DKOR Interiors is that the team allows you to take the opportunity and decide what you make of this internship and what you want to learn from an interior design studio.

After this international internship, I gained a completely different perspective on an all-women office and am still impressed how respectful, helpful, and honest these girls treat each other every single day. I have never seen the kind of team work that you find at DKOR’s Miami interior design studio. They are interested in each individual’s and team successes and totally stand behind their colleagues and company.

Ivonne Ronderos, principal at DKOR Interiors, is a special boss.  Ivonne loves her interior design team and wants each member to work with her and not for her. She strives to make every day as effective as possible and notes that it is extremely important that everyone feels comfortable.  She makes every effort to make you feel part of the DKOR family. I believe it is this mixture of family combined with many well organized, talented people makes DKOR Interiors such a successful company. I am proud that I could be a part of it for a short while during this international internship. The experience has made me think about changing my direction in business.

International Internship at DKOR's Miami Interior Design Studio
Celebrating Kishia’ birthday!


Miami Interior Design Studio
Valentine’s Day with the DKOR team


Thank you DKOR team!

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