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International Interior Designers Take – Manicure on the GO!

International Interior Designers Take – Manicure on the GO!

DKOR Interiors_Polish1

As International interior designers we are constantly using our hands to sketch our next greatest idea, point to finishes, and measure out details. A well manicure hand is a nice added touch, especially when working with clients!

We get it, who wants to spend the money every week and not to mention time to make sure your  nails are perfectly polished from a salon.

This is why Loreal’s Extraordinaire polish set is one of my favorite go to beauty products. Its a 3 step process that can be done quickly and easily at home.The third step is key. It’s a gel glaze…that dries in seconds!

Here’s a tip: Apply a generous amount of lotion on your hands, use nail polish remover to clean the lotion off your nails and then polish away! If your a messy nail applier like me, the lotion will make it easy to remove any unwanted polish from your skin.

Drying in seconds  allows me to even polish my nails in the morning just before I’m running out the door to our new Miami interior design studio! With that gel glaze, as interior designers, we no longer have to worry about that tape measure chipping our fresh polish!

DKOR Interiors_Polish


“Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.”

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