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Interior Inspiration For Spring 2020

A new season is here and we’ve prepared the best interior inspiration for spring 2020. With the weather warming up and beautiful flowers blooming all around, we’ve gathered a collection of interior spaces from our residential projects featuring bright and fresh colors, floral wallpapers, and vivid patterns.

Get inspired and get in the spring spirit to brighten up your home decoration with these interior design ideas.

Spring 2020 – Interior Design Inspiration

What says spring more than butterflies and flowers? For our “Modern Wonderland” project, the design team selected lively and colorful wallpaper for a home filled with a rainbow of hues.

Look at the Herbaria wallcovering we selected for the stairs! It has a striking large-scale, diffused floral design that creates a cheerful accent wall in the space. This nook won’t go unnoticed because of its captivating design.

Spring 2020 - Interior Design Inspiration

Butterflies can easily add a touch of spring to a room. Whimsical butterfly wallpaper dominates the girl’s bedroom of our “Modern Wonderland” project – Isn’t this space just gorgeous?

Nature Elements

Springtime invites us to get inspired by natural elements, too. In spaces where we can take creative chances, we love to use bold wallpapers that bring color and fun. The design team selected a wallpaper with green palm leaves that added freshness to this laundry room. What do you think?

Lago A Lago Laundry

Bold colors and patterns are always a good idea for interesting bathrooms. Our design team wrapped the powder room of this Coral Gables home in a colorful botanical wallpaper. We love this look!

If you’re looking for a more delicate, feminine touch, you’ll love what we did at this luxury condo in Brickell, FL. The interior design was inspired by the orchid. In the elevator foyer, an orchid-inspired wallcovering in a dimensional neutral palette makes a great first impression.

For the den area, a delicate floral pattern created a beautiful accent in the built-in shelves. The flower-patterned wallpaper works perfectly with the palette and mood of the room.

Interior Design Inspiration for Spring 2020

The Bloom wallcovering in Turquoise Light from Phillip Jeffries sets up an eye-catching and dreamy statement in this nursery. We love how the blossoms in a radiating pattern instantly give the room an energetic vibe.

Interior Design Inspiration for Spring 2020We hope you love this interior design inspiration. “Spring” into this new season with a decor refresh!

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