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The Bath Club, Miami Beach – FL

Project Name: Weathered Elegance

Real estate Firm: Sunny Realty

Recently at DKOR Interiors, we were sought out to design a Miami Beach vacation home for a family from New York in condominium building, The Bath Club. We were getting close to the deadline and needed a way to personify the kids bedrooms with a design feature that was unique and feasible in a short period of time. One of our designers had the idea to use some images that depicted the individual interests of each of the children and having it printed on over-sized canvas pieces that were divided uniquely along the entire side of the headboard wall. The Clients loved the idea and thankfully we were able to move forward quickly.

Here are the final images they chose.

Bath Club

The results were very impactful backdrops to each of the bedroom overall theme. In the first room we used the image of the train that we then printed onto vertical panels to fit the wall behind his bed. This image had a lot of movement and was sure to catch your eye when entering the bedroom.

Bath Club

The second image, of Babe Ruth. This  was a bit more challenging to design because we wanted to divide it into 19 panels but also be able to fit over the door and in the corners of the bedroom.  Both wall art designs turned into a great success and the boys really loved getting involved with the design process. The ending result………………….

Bath Club

Bath Club


This is how achieved this:

  1. We purchased the rights to the photo graphs.
  2. We made a template for the photos (see below).
  3. Then we had it printed on canvas.
  4. Then we had it stretched by our local framer.
  5. Have a professional or VERY patient person install!

Bath Club




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