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Interior Designers attending Whitewall & Moroso Breakfast talk

Interior Designers attending Whitewall & Moroso Breakfast talk
Eliza Jordan moderated a conversation between Patrizia Moroso and designer Patricia Urquiola

As interior designers we’re always looking for inspiration, constantly searching for the best interior design events all around the world to attend.

We were super excited when we found out that Patrizia Moroso and spanish designer Patricia Urquiola would be part of a panel discussion hosted by Whitewall during the Art Basel festivities in our city! On December 5th we happily sat in and listened to a very inspirational conversation. In this post, our lead interior designer Anouk is sharing with you all the details!

The conversation in the botanical garden in Miami Beach started very informal as the microphones did not seem to want to work that day. Luckily, the moody weather did not attract too big of a crowd, and we could feel that the ones who braved the rain were truly interested in the Breakfast talk.

Patrizia (Urquiola) and Patricia (Moroso) introduced themselves as longtime friends and collaborators. Patrizia reminded Patricia to speak loudly many times jokingly in italian: “Speak as if you were angry!!!” as the other, laughing, tried her best, to speak louder to the audience. The chemistry between the two was undeniable and it was clear how much they enjoyed working together just by listening to them and seeing them interact.

They explained how they met, more than 15 years ago, as Patrizia came to Moroso to meet Patricia and present her a chair prototype. They instantly knew that a special relationship was created. For the past years, Patricia, as creative director of the brand Moroso, always supported Patrizia’s “crazy” ideas and together with the team at Moroso, they created some of the most important contemporary pieces in furniture design. Patrizia said that Moroso gave her credibility and it was the start of a very prolific career.

Patrizia’s aesthetic is very singular, and she compared her search for contemporary style/aesthetic as the statement from a philosopher (which she mentioned the name, but I cannot remember, nor find): “Contemporary is like the saying from […] being unique in the multiplicity, being consistent in the inconsistency, being slow in the fastness, …”. She also added that it was like a grey area in a project, a dark spot that you assume and explore, “so you see it from the other side”.

Inspiration for her and Patricia come from many different source, she even said it was a mess, experiencing and blending elements creating a sort of unclear idea of what you want to create. Travels inspire them both, they have traveled extensively together; they always come back with plenty of collaborative projects stemming from it.

It was great to understand how and where Patrizia came from and how the brand Moroso and its creative director, Patricia, by believing in her talent and more importantly, by working as a team, created some of my most favorite furniture pieces to date. Take a look below to see these!!!

Interior Designers Moroso Selections
Smock Accent Chair by Patricia Urquiola (2005) in our interior design project “Edge of Modernism” in Canada.


Interior Designers Moroso Selections
Cocoon Hanging Chair available at 4141 Design Group showroom in Miami


Tropicalia Chair (Photo credits: B for Design)


Volant Armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola (2007) ( Photo credits: Moroso Website )


Spring Sofa (Photo Credits: Matisse Website)


Phoenix Coffee Tables / Living room of our interior design project “Edge of Modernism” in Canada.


Fergana Tables / Made in Italy by Moroso ( Photo Credits: Hivemodern)


Anouk Faure representing DKOR Team

Hope you enjoyed!

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