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Interior Design Tips: Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Interior Design Tips: Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall


Our talented interior designers are close to finalizing another decorating project; a residential design project in Miami Lakes, for a family with a three-year-old boy. Just to refresh your memory, this is the Miami home we are designing with the cloud concept as inspiration.

It is all about lightness, airiness and mixing greige tones with light pops of colors, and most importantly gradients of textures to warm up overall monochromatic interior spaces. You have to know that our client asked us to combine her husband’s love of grey interiors with her interest in adding pops of colors to make sure it feels a little more family oriented.

In order to add interest in our decorating projects, we love to play with selected feature walls. In this case, and to add warmth, what better for a family than a gallery wall?! Here our staircase wall was the perfect setting for such a design feature.

Our clients did not want the typical family picture wall and preferred to use curated artwork. They envisioned a different take of the gallery wall. Our creative design solution was to integrate some 3D, or sculptural items into the mix. We found beautiful ceramic planters from West Elm to complete our art wall. They are meant to have greenery in them but are beautiful simply empty as well.

Knowing our clients’ excellent taste, we were excited with the artwork selection they showed us. Upon our request, they sent us some of their favorite prints from – by the way if you don’t know this vendor, you need to check it out asap! – They have hundreds of prints, photographs from upcoming artist and designers that you can customize. Choose the size, frameless or with a frame: in this case your artwork comes already mounted, perfect to install quickly upon receipt!

We felt that selecting the thin brass frame option for our wall would fit with the eclectic frames we fell in love with while shopping with our client at CB2 local store in Miami Beach. The leather strap adds an eccentric feel to add interest to the gallery wall; it is truly unique!


Interior Design Tips: Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall
Design intent for the gallery wall on our Miami Lakes decorating project


But the secret to creating the perfect gallery wall lies in the grid or layout you select. It is important to have an idea of how you want to lay it out on your wall. You want to make sure the sizes and shapes of all the different items work together, complement each other and have a nice overall rhythm. In our case, and because it is a staircase wall, we wanted to follow the natural slope of the stairs. As you can see, we placed smaller items at both ends, and larger items in the center, to have your eye travel from one side to another.

Most importantly have fun with it, but always have something that ties all of the items together. In our case, it is the brass frame detail and the white vessels placed here and there that has the overall ensemble feeling like a whole and not separate pieces. Other ways to tie it all together would be to play with the artwork you select: having a theme related in each artwork. Or yet another would be to have only black and white prints or photos.

Hoping these interior design tips will help you in creating your perfect art wall! We were so excited when we received the prints from Minted and started putting everything together. Below some snaps from installation!


Interior Design Tips: Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall



Interior Design Tips: Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall


Interior Design Tips: Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Favorite Prints

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Knowing that we can change people’s way of living from an idea to completion. The possibilities are endless.

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