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Interior Design Press: Featured on

Miami Interior Design Press: Features DKOR Interiors

We have to call out for featuring us yet again on their growing and popular home decor and interior design focused blog.

This time, the home design website writes about learning how to mix and match textures like a pro. Taking tips from Wayfair’s favorite interior design firms and projects, there is a list of related products that will help you to get the same desired textured look and help to add some dimension to your space. See below how our Miami based residential interior design project relates to texture.

“This client loved the concept of contrast so we decided to layer different materials. We used a leather headboard in a cream color that stands out against a slightly darker grass cloth type wallpaper that shows texture through its lines and shimmer.”

Read the full article here


Interior Design Press – New Feature
Interior Design Press: Featured on
Interior Design Press: Featured on

We pride ourselves in surpassing the focus of design by delivering luxurious and innovative homes that directly correlate to our client’s needs.

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