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Interior Design Advice: Tips on Choosing Window Treatments

The design team at DKOR loves offering our readers interior design advice via our design tips blog post series, from interior design tips on decorating with wallpaper to must-know advice on how to choose interior paint. Today, the subject is window treatments. Often an afterthought, window treatments are actually an essential tool in pulling a room’s design look together, taking it to a whole new level.

Many of our clients have told us that they have difficulty choosing the right window treatment. In this post, we offer basic information and some interior design tips that will educate you and help make the process of dressing up your windows a whole lot easier.


Let’s start with the basic definition of window treatment. It’s a covering placed over the interior or exterior of a window for decorative and/or functional purposes. Window treatments generally fall into three categories: soft, hard and layered window treatments.


There is a wide variety of window coverings available. Let’s review some of the most commonly used ones in contemporary interior design.


Sheer drapes, one of the most common types of window treatments, is a soft solution. The type of sheer drapes that work best for your space and needs depends on their function and the final look you hope to achieve.

Sheer drapes come in a huge range of materials, fabrics, prints, colors and styles. As a result, sheer drapes are used as decorative element. They add a more relaxed look as well as both texture and personality to your space. If you are looking for just a decorative element, you can achieve it by using fixed panels instead of covering the entire length of the window.

Choosing Window Treatments Home Decor
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choosing window treatments
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Sometimes the terms “sheer drapes” and “drapes” are used interchangeably. Although they have a lot in common, drapes are lined, much thicker than sheer drapes, and typically made of heavy fabric. As a result, drapes offer more privacy, as well as light and noise control, than curtains. Drapes are more formal than sheer drapes.

Choosing Window Treatments Tips by Designers
Choosing Window Treatments - Design Tips


A hard windows treatment solution. One or more pieces of fabric without slats create roller shades. They can be rolled up and down using manual or motorized means to control the light that enters a room. They are attached to a rod or frame at the header.

Roller shades can be made from many different types of materials and fabrics. The selection of materials depends on the level of light you want to let into the space. Roller shades that prevent all light from entering are called blackout shades. If you don’t like being awakened by light coming through your window in the morning, they are a great choice for your bedroom’s window treatment.

Design Tips - Choosing Window Treatments
Choosing Window Treatments


Finding the best option for your home is a matter of the style you prefer, your available budget, and the function you are looking for.

When it comes to choosing window treatments, having the right expert advice will help you avoid costly mistakes. For our residential projects, we always go to our favorite window treatment showroom, DKOR Windows and Walls, for advice.


You can layer two different types of window treatment to maximize the benefits each one of them offers to achieve the look you want. Take a look at how we combined drapes with roller shades in the master bedroom below:

Stay tuned for the next blog post on this series, covering the details you need to know to make the window treatment selection process easier and stress-free.

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