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Illusions on the Horizon Master Bathroom Inspiration

Our DKOR team was thrilled to design a 4,500 s.f. condo in the magnificent Chateau Beach Residences in Sunny Isles, Florida. One of our favorite parts of the project was the bathroom in the master bedroom suite. The master bathroom inspiration was based on the design concept we conceived of for the entire apartment, “Illusions on the Horizon.”

The idea came from the impressive luminosity of the sun reflecting on the ocean. As a result, we created a gorgeous master bathroom with the clients’ lifestyle and the breathtaking views in mind.


The task at hand was a complete transformation of the existing master bathroom layout to open up the space. Maximizing the ocean view was the clients’ focus and priority. That made perfect sense to us – you can practically reach out and touch the water from this exquisite apartment! Scroll down to see the design intent:

Master Bathroom Inspiration and Design

As you can see, we replicated the design scheme of the master bedroom, using rich woods, natural stone, and a soft, neutral color palette to complement the waterfront view, rather than compete with it.

Master Bathroom Inspiration


It is always a challenge to change the layout of a master bathroom in a Sunny Isles apartment due to the strict requirements of the local building codes. It took a lot of time, effort, and coordination with the team, but it was well worth it.

Perhaps the hardest part of this master bathroom project was relocating the toilet and switching out the original bathtub for this modern freestanding double end one. In the end, everyone was overjoyed by the result.

Master Bathroom Inspiration

The master bathroom inspiration and design was all about making the most out of the view. To that end, we incorporated mirrors in strategic places to reflect images of the water from different angles.

Master Bathroom Inspiration
Master Bathroom Inspiration

Additionally, we collaborated with the clients to design bathroom cabinets that looked sleek and modern in keeping with the master bedroom suite. We also learned every detail of their daily routines so the cabinetry would match their habits, needs and lifestyle, from the medicine cabinet to the make-up vanity.

Master Bathroom Inspiration
Master Bathroom Inspiration

Do you want to see more about this luxury Sunny Isles Apartment? See the final look of the modern living room, home bar and master bedroom in our previous blog posts.

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