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IKEA Hack for Fun Kids Bedrooms

IKEA Hack for Fun Kids Bedrooms by Miami interior designers
IKEA HACK: Fun and colorful furniture piece for a girls bedroom.


DKOR’s lesser construction or remodeling projects, or DKOR’ate projects are the opportunity for our designer’s to express a lot of creative, fresh ideas.  The 6K-Square-Foot home in Golden Beach is no exception. This fun and colorful residential interior design project is packed with interactive interiors that highlight innovative details and playful spaces.

The home was designed especially for a South American family looking for a new and refreshing interior environment for their living spaces and kids bedrooms. The interactive connection to nature was the idea that inspired our Miami interior design team to design outside of the box and guided the creation of a fun home. The lively spaces encourage interaction between the family members and the interior spaces.

We love when we have the opportunity to design unique interiors that may push us outside of our boundaries.  These distinctive interiors are special to our clients and become a special part of our company’s project portfolio.

The family’s two daughters made creative selections alongside our Miami interior design team and today we are excited to share with you the IKEA HACK in one of those spaces. This sprightly and colorful bedroom design features our most creative integration of IKEA cabinets to date, creating a one of a kind furniture piece.

This IKEA hack brings the simple headboard to life in this modern girl’s bedroom.  When designing spaces for kids, using pops of colors are key to a fun design. Colors have a special way of adding a sense of playfulness and help to bring an enthusiastic and charming look to any space, which is just what is needed for a young girl or boys bedroom.

The bedroom’s custom upholstered headboard receives the addition of built-in storage created with modular pieces that harmonize with the rest of the customized furniture pieces throughout the home.  We share with you below how our team created this custom IKEA Hack which hopefully bring you design inspiration for your next IKEA hack project.


IKEA Hack for Fun Kids Bedrooms by Miami interior designers
Built in carpentry with pop of color and interactive art elements for a girl’s bedroom design.


The custom built furniture piece was assembled with the use of existing IKEA products and some added embellishments. To create the headboard wall our interior design team used IKEA’s BESTÅ Shelf unitsSELSVIKEN doors.  Then the designers reached out to our carpenters to create open wood cubes painted with a bright green coral Benjamin Moore’s color that would then be cleverly mixed into the IKEA products.    Below are the key IKEA pieces used along with some inspiring pictures of the assembly on site.


IKEA Hack for Fun Kids Bedrooms by Miami interior designers

See below some during photos of the creation and installation phases.


IKEA Hack for Fun Kids Bedrooms by Miami interior designers
To complement the IKEA products and get the desired look, custom wood open cubes were created.



IKEA Hack for Fun Kids Bedrooms by Miami interior designers
IKEA HACK: Wall headboard installation phase.


IKEA Hack for Fun Kids Bedrooms by Miami interior designers
FINAL RESULT: Creative wall headboard with pop of color


IKEA mixed with some custom wood cubes made for an affordable and unique storage solution.  Custom furniture, like this can be created with a little creativity and design inspiration! Let the inspiration hit you and start personalizing your our own furniture with IKEA products!

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