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Ideal Bedroom Decor: Throw Pillows Combinations

If you are working on your bedroom decor or simply want to give that space a fresh touch, this blog post is for you! We have asked our top interior designers here at DKOR to reveal their tips on how to freshen up a bedroom. Do you know what their answer was?! One of the best ways to give your bedroom a new look without changing all the furniture is with the bedding… and more particularly focusing on the right throw pillows combinations!

When it comes to selecting bedding, we have previously shared a few really good design tips here; Dress Your Bed Like a Top Interior Designer. We strongly suggest you go back and read it if you missed it. The post will help to make sure your bed sheets are designer approved. In truth, your bed linens should set the perfect backdrop for the accent pillows.

Now, based on your bed size, take a look at the throw pillow combinations our DKORistas created for you. If you are not familiar with bed pillow names and shapes, check out this visual on our Pinterest page here.


Shop The Look – Throw Pillow Combinations

Remember, you can get the entire pillow composition or simply pick your favorite accent pillow to complete your existing set! First, let us review king size options, following by a queen size pillow arrangement.


Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations

Our lead interior designers like to always place three euro size pillows in the back of the combination to create a nice large backdrop for the smaller, and often more funky, pillows in the foreground. It is a good option to have them contrast your headboard color, that way it adds a little drama!

Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations
Acacia Decorative Pillow + Refresh Metallic Decorative Pillow + Leisure artic blue pillow

In this throw pillow arrangement, our interior designers selected the smaller teal accent pillows to create a monochromatic palette. The cool colors are soothing and relaxing; ideal for a bedroom.

Our designers mentioned also selecting different shape accent pillows to create interest and add texture to the bed. Similarly, don’t be afraid to mix up the textiles of the throw pillows.

Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations
Linon arctic blue pillow + Belize Decorative Pillow + Vera Wang Bedding Collection



Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations


In this throw pillow combination, our DKOR designers went with a stronger color mood. The burnt red and soft pink kidney pillows contrast with the deep blue hues of the euro and smaller square accent pillows. This is a trendy palette that has more character!

Our Miami interior designers said they specifically selected the patterned pillow to contrast with the others that were solid. Finding a balance between pattern, textures, and color is the key. For instance, do not pick only solid colored throw pillows, or else your combination may feel dull.

Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations
Leighton Euro Sham + Ripple Matelassé Quilted Collection + Suede pillow pink

Moreover, notice how the three euro pillows here, having less texture, make the entire combination feel more elegant. This is due to the (lack of) pattern and texture in these euros in the back. In this option, the designers at selected a fresher, stronger arrangement; but to keep it elegant and timeless, they went with a solid color on the euro pillows.

Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations
Ocean Shimmer Ombré Decorative Pillow + Gabriella Decorative Pillow + Leighton Euro Sham



Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations


This option could be our favorite… it feels super organic and light. The throw pillows combination is offset and asymmetric, yet it feels very balanced. Why is that?

Our top designers suggested that in order to make your bed feel cozy and inviting, playing with pillow sizes and shapes are the most important. But symmetry is not always needed, in fact, it can add to your composition and create a more eclectic look.

Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations
After the Storm Sham + Iced Velvet Ombré Euro Sham + Berlingot Decorative Pillow


The gradient patterns of the larger kidney pillows help in balancing out the asymmetry of the euro pillows. See how it plays out? Your eye, when looking at this arrangement, is pulled from one deep color to another, making this composition more vibrant than others… Even though the color palette here is almost monochromatic.


Bedroom Decor Tips - Throw Pillows Combinations
Pallani Standard Sham + After the Storm Velvet European Sham + Lustre Bedding Collection


Our interior designers always have one rule with pillows that we have to share with you: just have fun trying and playing with different throw pillow combinations! Place the above preselected sets on your bed and see how it looks. If you feel that it is too much, then take a strong colored or strong textured pillow out. On the contrary, if you feel the combination is too uneventful, then pull in a fun patterned or textured pillow. Although in general, by following those easy design tips and going with the above throw pillow combinations; you cannot go wrong. Now go and see just how your bedroom decor feels fresh and new, once you install your new accent pillows!

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