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Iconic Modern Designs: The CH07 Shell Chair

Iconic Modern Designs: The CH07 Shell Chair / Photo Credits:
CH07 Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner / Photo Credits: Carl Hansen & Son


For the second installation of our Iconic Modern Design series, we’re focusing on a classic Danish modern piece you’ve probably spotted a thousand times: the CH07 Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner (1914 – 2007).

History of the Chair – Iconic Modern Designs

Iconic Modern Designs: The CH07 Shell Chair


Wegner, a Danish architect, designed more than 500 jaw-dropping chairs, many of them in collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son. But one of his most iconic chairs is the three-legged CH07 Shell Chair, also known as the smiling chair because of its unique arch-shaped seat.

Wegner debuted drafts and drawings of the CH07 Shell Chair at the annual Furniture Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen in 1963, but only limited quantities of it were produced at the time. Carl Hansen & Son reintroduced the CH07 Shell Chair in 1998 and it became an internationally recognized classic.

You’ve probably seen many other chairs designed by Wegnerthe CH445 Wing Chair and the CH24 Wishbone Chair are two important Danish modern pieces. The Wishbone mid-century chair is so an iconic design that is still fresh and very on trend. We recently included a high-quality replica of the modern classic design on our The Natural Materials Trend: Chairs Edition post.

Wegner’s designs stand out because of their delicate shapes, natural softness, and interesting materiality.


Iconic Modern Designs: The CH07 Shell Chair


Why We Love It

The CH07 Shell Chair mirrors the balance we at DKOR strive to achieve in all of our interior design projects: combining high design with real-life functionality.

It’s functional: Despite its unusual shape the CH07 Shell Chair is undeniably comfortable. And it’s compact, making it a perfect piece for Miami apartments and mansions alike.  

Its design can’t be beat: The CH07 Shell Chair is a work of art that’s beautiful when viewed from any angle, making it a decorative element and seating at the same time. Additionally, there are many material and upholstery options for this chair, so no matter your style, the CH07 Shell Chair can be yours. 


Pair the CH07 Shell Chair with:


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