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Home Renovation Florida: Luxurious Hollywood Kitchen Reveal

While it’s always exciting to start from square one with a new construction project, our home renovations can be equally as dramatic and fun to reveal. Such is the case with one of our current projects where our home renovation Florida team transformed dated interiors into sophisticated, modern rooms that exude a sense of luxury and ease.

We’ve already shared the living room in this home, so today we’re taking you right into the heart of it all – the kitchen. For this highly-trafficked space, our design centers around creating a more intimate and cohesive space that feels chic and welcoming.

We layered serene gray, rich brown and off-white tones and added gold accents for a bit of sparkle in this kitchen remodel. The neutrals echo the color palette used throughout the rest of the property, unifying the home’s interiors and creating a natural flow from room to room.



Kitchen Home Renovation Florida

Refined and yet, inviting, this kitchen exudes effortless luxury from every corner. From this view, you’ll spy the four chocolate leather bar stools that provide additional seating for when our clients are entertaining their guests. There’s also a small table in the built-in alcove that seats two. It’s the perfect place for a morning cup of coffee with the light of the window streaming in.

Throughout this kitchen, you’ll notice the emphasis on contrasting colors and materials, from the smooth marble to the gray cabinets. There’s also a recurring angular motif with numerous 90 degree edges and rectangular shapes throughout the space.

Of note is the central island, which provides additional counter space for prepping food and holding platters and drinks. Like the main countertop, it features a waterfall marble top, creating a seamless look that melds with the flooring.


Kitchen Home Renovation Florida by DKOR Interiors
Home Renovation Florida by DKOR Interiors

True luxury comes down to the details. We layered a lot of special features into this kitchen, from the cloud-like statement chandelier above the dining table to the black matte touchless faucet and matching handles on the Sub Zero refrigerator.

We even created a custom niche within the built-in cabinets. These cabinets are perfect to showcase some personal effects from books to a sculptural vase. Throughout this kitchen remodel, there’s a balance between darkness and lightness that feels modern without being cold.

The beautiful gray cabinetry is a highlight of this kitchen with some unique touches that you don’t often see. At the top is a ridged soffit that hides the wiring underneath while blending perfectly with the cabinets. The electric stovetop, oven, and microwave are sleek black, matching with the faucet and contrasting with the pale marble.

Coordinating with the leather bar stools, we used a warm, dark wood veneer for the lower kitchen cabinets. You’ll notice there are no handles on the lower or upper cabinets, which creates a sleek, unobstructed look.

For the large central island drawers, we did include handles for convenience. In addition to these island drawers, there is a refrigerated cabinet, which can be used for storing wines and other entertaining essentials that need to be chilled.

Stay tuned as we reveal more of this stylish home renovation Florida project!

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