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Home Office Inspiration and Design Ideas

Home office designs have become a common request from our clients when creating their dream homes. The need for a designated workspace at home has become one of the most important residential components, no longer a luxury but more of a necessity in today’s work-life landscape. Whether you’re talking about converting an entire room, or just part of it, into an inspiring and functional office space, creating a space that fits the clients’ lifestyle is key.

The truth is, home offices are trending and becoming more and more common. This is happening for so many reasons, including flexible working trends, self-employment, or even bringing work home after hours. In order to create a space that motivates you and helps you stay focused , the design and environment of this space plays an important role.

If you work from your home full-time, or you alternate between working at home and at an office, chances are you’ll need some home design inspiration to set up your own workspace. We’ve prepared some design inspiration for you from homes completed by our Miami designers, plus we’re sharing some home office design trends. Get inspired and start creating a space you’re proud to call your “Home sweet office”.


Our interior designers are experts in space design and function, and even though aesthetics are important (there are so many beautiful ways we can design a space that reflects your style and taste), their main recommendation is to think about FUNCTION. What do you need in order to complete work on a daily basis? What’s really essential? Who will be using the space, and how?

Home Office Inspiration


Nowadays, it’s not about setting up a space strictly to get work done: Families are creating spaces that make it possible for everyone to work/study comfortably from home.

DESIGN TIP: It’s important to keep in mind the individual needs of each person who will be using the space.

For others, they are using their spaces to create guest bedrooms/offices. It’s all about each one’s needs.

Home Office Design Inspiration
Designed Volumes Residential Project


 Office Design Inspiration


 Office Design Inspiration


Modern home offices need to be comfortable and practical. Comfortable furniture selections and correct lighting is needed. For productivity, you need a space where you can have an enjoyable experience.

Home Office Design Inspiration by DKOR Interiors


More and more home office designs focus on storage. Built-in cabinets, custom bookshelves and shelving units are popular options for extra storage space.

Pet-friendly interior design ideas by DKOR interiors 5


It has been shown that including inspirational visuals in your workspace environment help to boost motivation. Having a gallery wall with your favorite memories or pieces of art is a perfect way to add this personalized, motivational touch.

Modern Home Office - Florida Designers


The colors and patterns around us can affect how we work. Adding a few pops of color to bring energy and happiness to the room where you need to get inspired is something our designers like to do.

Whether you’re doing a complete home office overhaul or just sprucing your space up, we hope you walk away from this post inspired by our designers’ insights and work. We wish you all the productivity in the world!

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