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Home Decorating Trends: Modern Wallpaper Designs

We often say how wallpaper reminds us of our grandmother’s house, where soft florals and pastel-colored walls were once the highlights of an interior space … well, as in fashion; everything comes back in style, with a twist! Indeed wallcoverings are a big “thing” in interior design and have been for a few years now. Although some are reminiscent of past iconic patterns and colors, manufacturers and designers always tweak them to make them feel contemporary. For example, they now come in dramatically scaled patterns such as oversized florals. What is more, the development of vinyl wallcoverings has created a whole other world! Thanks to their resiliency, pattern options and lower cost we can now use wallcoverings in original and creative applications!

Our cloud-inspired Miami design project, for example, showcases several of the new home decorating trends in wallcoverings. Here we have selected options from a variety of manufacturers, with the help of our partner in crime DKOR Windows and Walls! Indeed our sister company offers a wide array of vinyl, natural, colorful, patterned, textured and of course soft and simple as well, wallcoverings. They also have a great choice of wood looking wallcoverings that we like to use in spaces and interior projects where we want to provide a budget-friendly design solution. Wood looking wallcoverings are actually one of the new design trends.


Family Room


In our Miami decorating project, we are using a vinyl wood looking wallcovering in the family room on our design feature wall (read more about it here, in our past blog post). We choose a darker wood tone to make it feel warm and elegant. From afar you will not be able to recognize that it is not real wood. The digital prints that manufacturers do nowadays are very detailed. Eykon is a good brand to select wood looks from; they have a wide variety of wood colors and style as well.


Home Decorating Trends: Modern Wallpaper Designs


Next to that wood look option, we have a silvery, charcoal grey, paper wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries. We like the dark tone so that the TV mounted on that wall will almost blend in versus sticking out. In this case, we opted for a paperback wallpaper because it is not a high traffic area. Patterns with a little sheen or shiny element to them are very popular right now. But remember to keep it subtle so it is still timeless!


Home Decorating Trends: Modern Wallpaper Designs


Dining Room


Home Decorating Trends: Modern Wallpaper Designs



In the dining room, we chose to go with an accent wallcovering from Eykon on the buffet wall. This option showcases one of the latest design trend; the gradient watercolor look. In this case, the gradient is repeated and as each panel is installed offset, it creates a beautiful rhythm. It will add some texture in this space!

On the opposite wall, we selected from Phillip Jeffries a light grey wallcovering with a subtle texture. Both wallcoverings here are vinyls; this family will not have to worry about scratches or marks in this high traffic space. It is tougher to scratch and our installer tells us you can use a soft sponge to wipe off any marks, but watch out not to use water as the glue below the wallcovering might absorb it and create a bump!



Library Room


Home Decorating Trends: Modern Wallpaper Designs


In the library we also have a watercolor-inspired wallcovering, but this time in an oversized scale! We selected this amazing natural wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries. It really is the main feature in that space, it is so special! Phillip Jeffries, for this collection, lets you choose the material you want the print on. We selected the white paper, as we liked the clean, fresh look it gave us. It is a natural wallpaper, so it is a little more delicate, but this space will not have a lot of traffic, so it will be perfect there!




Home Decorating Trends: Modern Wallpaper Designs


The last one we want to highlight is the blue natural woven wallcovering from Omexco that we used as the background in the niche of our staircase design. We love this organic look that is trending right now. It is almost as if the natural woven walls we used to see in some tropical homes. But watch out, as some of these are very delicate. We love the color of this one we selected for here, is perfect for the little niche in the stairs!

There are many other options in wallcoverings today, but here in our Miami decorating project, you can see a few of our favorite home decorating trends.

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