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Home Decorating Project: Dining Room Decor with Wonderful Textures

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think South Florida? Sun, surf, and sand. Right? For our clients, a family relocating to Florida, we stayed true to that first impression and came up with the design concept of “The Imprints of a Home: Leaving Your Mark in the South Florida Sand.”

For this home decorating project, we wanted layers, reflections, outlines, and patterns to create depth and bring the ocean into this home. The reflection of the sun through the water creates patterns, while the surf crashing to shore creates patterns and layers. There’s so much depth on the beach, and we wanted to infuse our clients’ new home with it.

Naturally, textured neutrals dominate the color palette, while pops of sea-inspired blues and greens add vitality to every room.

Today, we’re going to focus on the dining room of this interior design decorating project. The dining room is open to kitchen, but separate from the main living area. Because this home has only one living space, it was imperative that the dining room had two functions.

The first, of course, being a formal dining space to enjoy special occasions and host friends and family. The second function isn’t as expected; we wanted it to be a comfortable lounge area for homework, reading, and hanging out while mom is cooking in the kitchen.



Fort Lauderdale Home Decorating Project - Dining Room


To maintain a modern style, we selected furniture and accessories that pulled in a lot of sleek and chic textures: leather, glass, and glossy lacquer. Then we captured the beachy look with rattan (on the cool pendant light and the area rug), rustic wood accents, brushed metals, and lots of greenery.

The dining table is a big element, so our team thought long and hard about the right material and shape. In the end, we selected a bronze glass top with curved edges to lend elegance, while the base is a rustic wood to stay true to the coastal vibe.


Fort Lauderdale Home Decorating Project - Dining Room


Fort Lauderdale Home Decorating Project - Dining Room


We didn’t want to overdo it with the accessories. We paired modern elements, like the white ceramic bowl and the chic ivory vases from Magnolia, with greenery—air plants and palm-inspired leaves respectively.

Lending depth to the space is a grassy-textured wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries. But what really draws attention on the walls is the blue-and-white watercolor print from Minted. We love that it is reminiscent of the pattern of the sun’s reflection through the water onto the ocean floor. It takes us right back to our design concept.

While the room is filled with mostly tan and beige neutrals, the leather Calligaris dining chairs add a touch of blue-gray that grounds the room.


Fort Lauderdale Home Decorating Project - Kitchen


Fort Lauderdale Home Decorating Project - Kitchen


The Custom Bench


But those dining chairs aren’t the only style statement in the room. In order to make a lounge-worthy space, we didn’t want just chairs. But finding a settee or bench that fits a dining table perfectly can be a challenge.

So, for this home decorating project, we custom-made a bench for one side of the table with Grafton Furniture. It’s upholstered in a durable fabric that will keep the color bright white for years to come but withstand lots of wear and tear.

Since the bench isn’t pulled up to the wall, we designed the back to be just as beautiful as the front. The white-washed wood legs extend past the seat and up the back of the bench. They’re “fastened” with a leather strap detail that is the beautiful cherry on top.


Home Decorating Project - Custom Furniture


Home Decorating Project - Custom Furniture



Home Decorating Project - Custom Furniture


Are you thinking about designing custom furniture? Let our interior design team share the steps they always take to ensure any custom furniture project is a breeze.


Design Tips


Step 1: You know that old construction adage “measure twice, cut once”? Well, it also applies to custom furniture. Always verify sizes on site before placing the order. And that’s not just the size of the furniture you’re pairing the item with, but also doorways and clearances.

Step 2: Refer to the ergonomics of other furniture when designing your custom piece. Is there a chair in your home that fits you just right? Get inspired by the shape and style of that to create a custom furniture piece that you’ll love.

Step 3: Review finishes selected with the rest of items in the room so it fits in seamlessly. For example, if you’re creating a custom dining table or chairs, see how the table base finish and the chair leg finish work together.

Step 4: Take note of where you’ll be placing the custom piece in your home. Why, you ask? You may want to add on details to unexpected areas of the piece—like how we did with the back of the bench in this dining room.

We’ve loved working on the decorating projects in this Fort Lauderdale home. If you love the style of this home, check out the teen girl’s bedroom. We can’t wait to share more, so stay tuned!

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