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Home Decor Design Ideas: A Cozy Breakfast Nook

After the kitchen, the breakfast area is most probably the space where families spend most of their time in a home. For that reason, it is of utmost importance to have this space feel cozy, fun and inviting. Our Miami-based interior designers have handpicked material and furnishings to help you create a cozy breakfast nook. They always have the best home decor design ideas!

Home Decor Design Ideas -Cozy Breakfast Nook

Cozy Breakfast Nook – Selections

First off start with adding textures into the space. Whether large or just in a corner of a room, your breakfast nook will feel more inviting if you have an interesting wallpaper or even just a wall color. Yes, white walls always make a space look larger… Although in this case, you really want to bring people in, almost like a cocoon. And a wallpaper with a structure will do just the trick.

Our interior designers picked this faux grasscloth wallpaper. The grey color will work with any accent color you bring in the space. Furthermore, as it is a vinyl wallcovering you do not have to worry that it will get damaged easily. Breakfast nook areas need resistant materials, especially if you have young kids! With this wallpaper, do not fear, your walls are easily washable and wipeable.

Secondly, let us think about the larger furnishings; the table and dining chairs. You may also opt to go with a breakfast nook bench. These are quite popular right now, however, they can be quite the hassle to transfer to your next home… chairs are just more versatile and can be pulled in to add seating in any other room when you have extra guests!

Our top Miami designers selected mid-century inspired chairs and we can’t get enough of them. We all know the iconic Eames chairs, well this is their cozy breakfast area version. The blue fabric adds the perfect pop of color in this space! Paired up with this true mid-century pedestal round table; you cannot go wrong.

It is great to make sure that the entire composition has a wow factor. Therefore, think about bringing in a unique light fixture, just as this amazing chandelier that the DKORistas picked for you. The industrial, yet elegant style of this decorative light fixture will become the focal point atop your breakfast area. The chandelier’s look contrasts well with the mid-century inspired table and chairs below.

Greenery – Final Touch

Finally, to complete your breakfast nook area design, the best decor advice that the designers always go back to is greenery. Do not underestimate the power of a simple planter with greenery! Plants bring such life and warmth to a room. Our designers chose these cool grey planters on a metal stand. They went with the larger size, and in the example, placed it in a corner with a large-leafed philodendron. If you love plants, add succulents in the low round fluted vases to create the perfect centerpiece.

And that’s a wrap! Remember, opt to shop for the full look or pick a few pieces to complement what you already have. We do love this entire composition. With the chandelier and accessories selections from our interior decorators, the entire ensemble feels unique and curated. It is interesting to see how selecting the correct key pieces can make a room come to life! Come back soon for more home decor design ideas!

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Home Decor Design Ideas -Cozy Breakfast Nook Selections


Home Decor Design Ideas -Cozy Breakfast Nook SelectionsHome Decor Design Ideas -Cozy Breakfast Nook Selections

Home Decor Design Ideas -Cozy Breakfast Nook Selections

Home Decor Design Ideas -Cozy Breakfast Nook Selections


Home Decor Design Ideas -Cozy Breakfast Nook Selections

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