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Hi-Rise Oceanfront Condo Gets Sophisticated Beachy Design

We’re excited to be creating a vacation home for our client at the luxurious high-rise Auberge Beach Residences. She lives in New York with her kids but enjoys spending time at the beach during the summer, so she’s enlisted us to transform her 4,000-square-foot oceanfront condo into a nature-inspired oasis with a design that relates to the beach but is not a literal interpretation.

Behind The Design

An important consideration when creating the design concept of this oceanfront condo was to incorporate curated furniture pieces that are comfortable; our client is very educated in furniture so our DKORistas had to select unique and classic pieces that spoke to her sensibility.

Another goal was to implement the beachy elements of design that our client wanted without being literal. Our client was pushing us to see through the standard beachfront condo. Even though she could appreciate the theme of the building, she was looking for a more sophisticated take on the “Miami beach apartment.”

We created a beautiful concept for the design here — one of the qualities we kept coming back to was the warmth of the sand and the beautiful textures it creates. The other element we took from the design concept were the soft curves in nature, which we translated to the furniture, lighting and area rug choices.

Entry Foyer – Design Intent

Oceanfront Condo Design by DKOR Interiors
Entry Foyer Design by DKOR Interiors

Walking into this beachfront condo at the Auberge Beach Residences, guests enter through a Brookline wood veneer door in a rich European walnut. The large Aperture mirror from prolific designer Karim Rashid greets you at first glance — such a statement piece! — and an equally interesting vertical lighting fixture adds to the sophisticated, contemporary appeal. In the background, organic, neutral wallcovering with pops of metallic, on top of more wood veneer on the wall, acts as the perfect element of warmth, drawing people inside to the rest of the residence. The entrance sets the scene for the inviting yet sophisticated vacation home our client was envisioning for her family.


Living Room – Design Intent

Oceanfront Condo Design by DKOR Interiors
Common Areas Design Intent


Oceanfront Condo Design by DKOR Interiors
Kitchen, dining and living rooms.


The common areas of this oceanfront condo are open concept. The kitchen, dining and living room are connected through materiality and soft curves. The furnishings all have a curved element that ties them together.

For the living room design, we chose special designer furniture pieces from different vendors to create the elegant, “beachy” vibe. Two club chairs in an organic, sunny shade of yellow, plus another side chair with a wood veneer back, accompany an earthy gray sofa. A backdrop of rich neutrals — textured door panels, window treatments and paint — allow the furnishing and decor choices to shine. Interesting visual elements, like the TV backdrop and sconce, provide a high-design touch to the space.


Dining Room – Design Intent

Oceanfront Condo Design by DKOR Interiors
Dining Area – Fort Lauderdale Oceanfront Condo

In the dining room, we chose a classic Knoll Saarinen dining table and chair set. This set was a perfect modern, functional option for our client and her family. The pendant light brings the tones of a sunset inside, with golden yellow, beautiful coral and rich gray. To the left, a bar area with built-in shelving pops in gold leaf and makes entertaining a breeze. And of course, the open concept allows for the intimate moments with family and friends at her new oceanfront condo that our client has dreamed of.

Stay tuned as we reveal more spaces of this oceanfront condo soon! For progress photos, make sure to follow us on our social media channels.

Looking for more design inspiration? Take a look at our In-Progress portfolio to know more about new DKOR homes coming soon.

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