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HD Boutique 2011

All the Top Interior Design Firms in Miami, visit The HD Boutique 2011 “Hospitality Design Boutique” comes every year to Miami and gives an opportunity for vendors to put their best foot forward. Vendors from all over the country come and create exquisite booths to attract the attendees eyes. DKOR scoped out the show looking for fresh ideas, new vendors, and our favorite booths. Marcy Garcia from our Miami Interior design team, liked the “pop” furniture from Pol Art which appealed to her because of their unique blend of Victorian design and bright colors. I took an interest in Electric Mirrors booth because they were able to add two functions to a mirror, a hidden TV and lighting effects. Overall great show we can not wait to use newly found vendors and some fresh ideas!!!

Marcy's Favorite Booth
Marcy’s Favorite Booth
My Favorite Booth
My Favorite Booth


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