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Giving Your Interior Design a Coastal Theme Without Going Overboard

Giving Your Interior Design a Coastal Theme
Miami Interior Design Project, Sophisticated Getaway by DKOR Interiors. One of the client’s main objectives for this home was to being the outside ocean view inside through design.

When living near or right on the beach, it is always tempting to bring the beauty of the coastline into your home décor. Even when you come inside, your interior design can allow you to still experience the same serene and relaxing feeling that you enjoy out on the beach or the water. However, it can be really difficult to implement a coastal theme throughout a room, or your entire house, without crossing the line from stylish to tacky. Here are just a few ways that your Miami Beach decorator can help you create perfect sophisticated seaside atmosphere.

Narrowing Down the Specifics of Your Theme

There are many different ways to approach a coast-inspired interior design premise. Your Miami home decorator will need your input for the phase of the project. In the beginning, you need to decide exactly what your goals are for the interior design. You can get inspiration for your theme by simply going out and walking the coastline, or you can look to design blogs or magazines for ideas that you love.

During this process, you need to determine which elements of the ocean that you want to incorporate into the space. A popular choice is to create a very serene and tranquil feeling throughout the home. However, there are many other ideas to choose from, including rustic, nautical, or you could bring the fun of a beach party into your home. It all depends on the emotions that you want your new décor to evoke. If you can determine this factor, your Miami Beach decorator can take care of the rest.

Miami Interior Design Project, A Miami Modern Home, by DKOR Interiors

Do Not Go So Literal with Your Decorating

These types of themes often become cheap and tacky when the decorations are much too literal. For example, creating a nautical theme does not mean that you should just litter the space with model sailboats. There are other, more subtle and sophisticated, ways to create the atmosphere that you want.

One of these ways includes choosing a color scheme that coincides with your idea. For beach and coastal themes, this often includes various blue hues, navy and red if you are interested in nautical, or light beiges and blues if you want something lighter. These color schemes, professionally implemented by your Miami home decorator, can help instantly set the desired mood as soon as you enter the room.

An Eye for the Minor Details

Instead of being too obvious with your design, it is more important to consider all of the minor details. For example, instead of normal light fixtures, you could use lights that would be used on a ship, or in a cabana. You could replace your ordinary coffee table for one made from driftwood, and you can choose artwork for your home that features seaside sunsets or any of your favorite coastal images. There are numerous small details that your Miami home decorator can help you with that will create a cohesive and elegant coastal interior design inside your beautiful home.

Miami Interior Design Project, Sophisticated Getaway by DKOR Interiors. One of the client’s main objectives for this home was to being the outside ocean view inside through design.
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