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FUNCTION can be BEAUTIFUL! in South Florida Interior Design.

FUNCTION can be BEAUTIFUL! in South Florida Interior Design.

Global Lighting – Designer inspirations by Saxon Henry

Recently we have had the honor to be amongst Saxon Henry’s designer picks to be featured in one of her recent articles in the official Global lighting blog. Saxon asked me to chose amongst a large list of Global Lightings most beautifully designed light fixtures as my favorite and I must admit, it was not easy. So I thought to myself interior design in Miami is very diversified as are our clients but there is one common theme that always comes up… functionality.

Take a look at the article below:

Ivonne Ronderos knows her way around a design project. I’ve watched as the dynamo has taken on challenges that would make most designers want to take the next plane to Tahiti and never look back! Her background in the hospitality industry brings her a vibrant take on the meaning of designing to a client’s lifestyle. And the team she’s assembled to pull off meaningful transformations for South Florida homeowners is only part of her secret. The other part? Her excellent taste.   I asked Ivonne, the founder of DKOR Interiors, to dip into Global Lighting’s collections and surface with a favorite fixture. I’m sharing her fixation on the Flexiled by Contardi, or what I like to call a bedtime reader’s best friend! Here’s her take on the supple sidelight:   FUNCTION VS. BEAUTY, or in an ideal world—and particularly with this light—FUNCTION can be BEAUTIFUL! Of course, leave it to me to always think about how will it work or whether it is useful—the functionality must be highly considered. I also ask, “Will it annoy the client, or be that little detail that makes him or her thankful for years after we leave the project?”


The Flexiled by Contardi.   I’m a business owner who is passionate about service, and providing my clients with an increased quality of life they wouldn’t have been able to achieve on their own is always top of mind for me. Showing them, teaching them that through design and ergonomics they can live the life they deserve is my M.O. This light says all of that! It’s not just decorative or cool to look at; it’s the perfect balance between beauty and function.   We have installed similar lights in clients’ homes throughout the years and they are the perfect remedy to their answers when we ask, “Do you read in bed?” We know that the person propped beneath the book isn’t the only consideration: will it annoy the partner trying to get that good night’s sleep when the light is on until all hours because a book is just too good to put down? Creating environments for clients to do more of what they want to do, which means increasing their quality of life, is what I am most proud of when I think about our mission at DKOR. Products like Flexiled help us achieve this and we’re down with that!   -Ivonne Ronderos

To see other ways we have incorporated lighting throughout our South Florida Interior Design Projects, visit our website at or to see what else Global Lighting has to offer, visit their website at


“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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