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The sun and heat is so damaging on our skin. As a South Florida Interior designer we need to be proactive!. Amongst remembering to include that special 1” reveal on the living room detail, as woman interior designers we need to take action and protect our beautiful faces.

fresh skin-life as an interior designer

SPF. Say it again SPF! No if, ands or butts! Amore pacific has amazing SPF products. My favorite is the resort collection. The cushion allows you to be on the go, gently apply more SPF over already applied makeup without having to use your dusty hands from a jobsite visit.. The best part is that it is also a hydrator to give you that glow.

Heres a tip: SPF does have a chemical that can tend to wash out your face in photos. Because of the bamboo sap, my skin just glows in every selfie at our interior design projects.

Speaking of hydrating. Your skin couldn’t ask for more. The Amore Pacific moisture bound is a oil-free facial mist that gives you that instant hydrating kick. Don’t worry contour lovers, your beautiful makeup will still stay in tacked.

Lastly, plain and simply, H20. Drink that water! The South Florida sun dries out our skin and the most natural and efficient way to get your skin glowing, mind running, and feeling ready to conquer any unforeseen condition on your interior design jobsite visit is to drink water!

Thinking about becoming a South Florida interior designer? Make sure you stock up on those key products to protect your skin.

1. Amore Pacific Facial Mist

2. Amore Pacific Resort Collection

3. Boxed Water


“Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.”

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