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Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Inspiration with Maca

We just completed a Fort Lauderdale Interior Design project and had a great opportunity to explore our creativity with a blank wall screaming for an installation of some type. Every design feature, furniture and accessory in this home has a concept behind it. I want to share with you why having a concept is so important.

Thanks to our concept we were able to create an incredible and one of a kind art work piece that I am so proud of being part of. Our concept for the project was a sea shell. We referred to the rough exterior with the iridescent interior part of the shell throughout the accessory phase always striving to not allow our concept to reflect the typical “sea shell interior.” With this being said we wanted to dress up our blank wall with an installation that referred back to our concept in order to keep a coherent look throughout the space. We found these beautiful pieces from Gold leaf design group that we thought we could install and used the rhythm of the ocean as inspiration for the pattern of installation. This gave us then an approximate quantity of how many we needed to purchase and a guide of how they were to be installed.

Here you can see our design process and some quick photos of the painting process.

I think my team and I didn’t know how challenging installing these little guys (shells) were going to be when we first started. They were hard to work with, but thanks to the amazing collaboration between DKOR’s team, a carpenter dedicated to hand painting each one to be the color of the wall and Bomar Builders, we were able to create an unique piece of art work. Below is a recap of many months of working on the design, study analysis of shell location and 18 hours of actual installation. This Fort Lauderdale Interior Design installation was complete! and we could not be happier with the results.

Here are some during shots while we collaborated on the installation pattern.
Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Inspiration with Maca
The clients were thrilled with the end result and so were we.

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