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Fort Lauderdale Interior Decorating Project

On our DKOR LIVING Blog we share with you the behind the scenes process of our residential interior projects. Some projects are interior remodeling in specific areas of our clients existing homes.  While for other clients we hold their hands through the building of their new home from day one.  But there is a third type of interior project our DKOR team loves, decorating projects!

Learn more about the exciting process of these interior design projects on our post “Decorating vs. Interior Design”.

We often have clients with beautiful homes come to us with one simple request, “How can I get a finished look in our home?”. Our design team recently completed a decorating project in Fort Lauderdale with this one simple design request.   The goal was to have a cohesive design through the Fort Lauderdale residence that perfectly captured our clients’ style.  Using design elements like emphasis, depth, angles and contouring our team assisted the family with the decoration of the homes intimate living spaces.  The results were stunning! The family now has a place they really love and enjoy.

Take a sneak peek at the inspiration behind the design and the design concept: the essence of the crown.  The Crown’s elements were decoded through architectural applications like strong angles, contouring to highlight materials and elements used in unexpected ways.  Stay tuned for the final photos coming soon on DKOR Living Blog.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Decorating Project

Looking to create an elegant and cozy mood, our Ft. Lauderdale design team chose a special material selection. Warm wood, soft textures, and glamorous sheens trimmed out with metal accents.

The bold color palette with regal hues of emerald, chrome, mulberry, and indigo were used throughout the Fort Lauderdale interior decorating project.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Decorating Project
Regal Hues: Emerald, Chrome, Mulberry, Gilded, and Indigo.

Fort Lauderdale Interior Decorating Project – Interior Designs

All the design elements joined together to bring life to the home’s modern style.  Here are some of our team’s design renderings that excite the clients.  Take a peek at the homes dramatic entry foyer, bold living space, and intimate guest bedroom.  The final photos and a behind-the-scenes video are coming next on DKOR Living Blog. Stay tuned!

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Decorating Project by DKOR Interiors
Home Entry – Fort Lauderdale Serene Residence


Ft. Lauderdale Interior Decorating Project by DKOR Interiors
Breakfast nook and family room – Fort Lauderdale Serene Residence


Ft. Lauderdale Interior Decorating Project by DKOR Interiors
Guest Bedroom – Fort Lauderdale Serene Residence

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