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Football Decor: Boys’ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

In our Golden Beach project, we helped a family of five make their new house feel like home. With coastal sailing as the design concept, a nature-inspired color palette and nautical-inspired material selections transformed the entire space into a contemporary retreat. While this whole project was special, our DKORistas worked extra hard on the Boys’ Bedroom Interior for the three sons, ensuring they had cool, comfortable spaces to call their own during a big transition.

We love decorating kids’ rooms — it’s such a fun challenge! Having the opportunity to create playful and functional environments that let each child’s personality shine through is exciting and, yes, important! Check out all of our tips for kids’ rooms essentials here.

Design Intent: Sports-themed Boy’s Bedroom

Boys' Bedroom Interior Ideas

The most important thing to consider when designing a kid’s room is to create a space that speaks to their personality and interests but in a well-designed way. In the youngest son’s bedroom, this meant sports —specifically football, which is his passion.

Starting with the color palette, football-related hues like green and orange are a fun accent, while neutral-colored bedding harmonizes the whole space. Black elements unite all the elements in the design. In addition, fun decor pieces like a locker for storage and a bean bag, make the space cool in a kid’s eyes while adding fun design details.

Final Look: Boys’ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

We love how this boy’s bedroom interior turned out! It’s a perfect mix of boyish fun and sophisticated design that fits right in with the entire home’s feel.

Boys’ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

To start, we wanted to highlight the height of this room and take advantage of it. To achieve this, the design team created a cool feature on the wall that alludes to a football field. In front of it, a real-look orange locker and football bean bag sit on a section of turf. A little boy’s dream!

Gray bedding in a mix of prints is sophisticated yet neutral, working well with the bright accent colors. Personal pieces, like trophies the son has won and sports merchandise he’s accumulated, work great as room decor. A perfect boy’s bedroom idea! In front of the bed, a desk area to use while doing school projects or homework adds a functional component.

Boys’ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

Boys’ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

The mural our DKORistats hung of the boy himself in his football uniform is the star of this boy’s bedroom interior. It is the perfect reminder for this little boy that anything is possible. Under bright lights and full stands, his time to shine is now!

DESIGN TIPS – Working with Murals

Working with murals or big images can be very impactful in a room, and our design team has some tips:

  1. Create a template: Get an idea of what the image will look like in the real space. Visualize before sending a huge image to print.
  2. Make sure the image is high-resolution: Printing professionally and choosing a high-resolution photo is a must, otherwise the final product will be very pixelated.
  3. Don’t be afraid to go bold: In this case, we used the bright colors in the image and kept neutrals on the walls so the image would be the focal point.
  4. Review the specs with your installer: Always ask your installer if the format you are printing the photo in is the one he/she needs. For example, in this case, we extended the image 2 inches on all sides so the installer could cut it during the hanging process.

Boys’ Bedroom Interior Inspiration


Boys’ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

If you love the look of this boy’s bedroom interior, stay tuned for more reveals from this Golden Beach home! We are including more boys bedroom inspiration!

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