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Florida Keys Design: A Modern Treehouse in Progress

Vacation homes are all about escaping the day-to-day; a relaxing dream home in which to disconnect from our hectic lives and reconnect with loved ones and nature. That’s exactly what our clients were looking for when they decided to renovate their Big Pine Key property in the Florida Keys. So let’s get to know more about this Florida keys design project!

About 100 miles south of Miami and 30 miles north of Key West, Big Pine Key offers the views and laid-back lifestyle that are perfect for a vacation home.

Throughout conversations with our client, one element became crystal clear: they loved to have big family reunions in this home. Our Florida Keys interior design concept had to center around family, fun, and connection.

Speaking of connections, our clients found a general contractor who had a family connection to their home. His father had done the last remodel on the home and he was thrilled to lead the renovation this time around.

With the team assembled and the design priority in focus (family time), our interior designers went to work dreaming up a concept that fit the location and the family.


Florida Keys Design Inspiration

Inspired by the home’s location and surrounding nature, we developed a curated treehouse concept. It’s reflective of a modern Swiss Family Robinson, if they were castaway on a chic and sleek island. 

We started with a Florida Keys-inspired color palette of sandy neutrals, lush greens, and seafaring blues and aquas. It’s as if we brought a snapshot of a treehouse perched over the ocean to real life.

Florida Keys Design Color Palette
Color Palette

Of course texture and materials are just as important to bring this modern treehouse to life. A variety of woods—on the floors, walls, ceilings, and more—set the foundation. Golden woods are warm but still light and airy, adding to the feeling that the home is floating in a tree.

Used throughout the home, striated stone and rocks with inclusions look as if they were washed ashore. Polished surfaces (tiles reminiscent of seashells, mirrors to reflect the outdoors, and more) add sparkle, like the reflection of the sun off the water.

Metal tones with a touch of antiquing pick up the hues in the stones and wood, but provide a sleek element.

Material Selections

Design Elements

But the materials and palette are nothing if they don’t work in concert, tying the home together, bound by key elements.

Contrast: Dark and light play off each other in organic and linear ways throughout the home.

Proximity: Closeness created by design elements like a banquette in the kitchen or a screen in the entryway.

Repetition: Repeating patterns, whether on upholstery, wall coverings, or flooring are soothing and calming—a vacation home must have.

Emphasis: Shapes, patterns, mirrors, and empty space focus the eye on specific design aspects.

Volumes: By playing with scale, the way nature does, we create balance and reflect the beauty that is Mother Nature.

Texture: Smooth, woven, rough, polished. They all work in concert to balance each other, keep the eye guessing, and spark interest. 

Alignment: Similar to repetition, symmetry and alignment are a calming force. They  soothe without being overt or loud about it. 

But how do all of these elements come together in this Florida Keys interior design? We’re giving you a sneak peek of some common areas of this modern treehouse!

Florida Keys Design

Entry Foyer

florida Keys Design entry foyer

The main elements of our design concept in the foyer are repetition, emphasis, and proximity. They work together, in concert with a neutral color palette and a mix of shapes and textures, to create a stunning first impression.

To ensure guests feel welcomed with an immediate intimate greeting, we added a screen that encloses the space while still keeping the airy, light feeling. The grid pattern on the screen is repeated on the grid of black-and-white photos in the hallway and in the French doors you can see reflected in the mirror.

The big, bold, round mirror above the console table is—pardon the pun—reflected in the round area rug centered in the room. The mirror places emphasis on the stunning nature out the windows, as it should.


The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and in this home that couldn’t ring truer. This great room has not one but two dining spaces to ensure there’s room for everyone.

When designing this space, we envisioned all of the breakfasts, holiday dinners, and casual lunches our clients would share with their loved ones. Because of that, pulling in the design elements that created a sense of comfort and relaxation was key.

The sandy-hued wood beams repeat the length of the ceiling, as do the leather and metal cabinet pulls, repeating throughout the kitchen. A cozy corner booth, done in an ocean-inspired blue, creates physical proximity between diners and a sense of togetherness.

Florida Keys Design Kitchen

Our work on this modern, curated treehouse has just begun, and we’re so excited to share the progress of this Florida Keys interior design project with you. So, follow along and stay tuned as we reveal even more spaces!


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