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Essentials for Styling Your Mini Bar at Home

There’s never been a better time to build your home bar! While we await the time when we can all feel comfortable returning to bars and restaurants, a mini bar at home offers the convenience of a well-stocked bar in the comfort of your own home.

We recently shared tips for designing and building a custom home bar. But, if you’re not remodeling or building a house right now, we’ve still got you covered. It’s as simple as giving a new purpose to an existing room or empty corner by adding furniture pieces that together can create a cool mini bar setup. Check our designers’ tips to consider before you begin mixing up your favorite cocktails.


Essentials for Styling Your Mini Bar at Home


Mini Bar at Home with Statement Chair


Mini Bar at Home for small space


I. Consider Space Available and Location 

First, determine where your mini bar should go by surveying your home’s common areas (where you host guests and spend the bulk of your time). Your mini bar set up should be in an accessible, conveniently located spot. Also, you need a free and clear surrounding area. Look for free corners, alcoves, and any other spot that makes sense for your home.


Mini Bar at Home - Small and Convenient


Mini Bar at Home with Space and Decor


II. Determine Your Ideal Mini Bar 

Once you decide on the spot, measure the available space to get a sense for how big (or small) the furniture can be. It’s important to remember that you’ll need some free space around the bar to ensure it’s easy to access and move around.

Think about the stool or chair you are thinking of adding (if you’ve got the room), visualizing yourself opening doors, actually mixing the cocktails, and more.

Once you understand the space you have available, start reviewing the mini-bar options, considering style, functionality, and dimensions. Is there sufficient room in your selected locale for a bar cabinet or would a slimmer bar cart work? Do you have the space but want a mobile bar cart? Need it to do double duty, consider a credenza that can be half dedicated to cocktail-making. Designate a specific bar area with a tray and use wall shelves to store essentials above the credenza.

Think through all of your options to ensure you’ve got the right mini bar for your needs.


Mini Bar at home with eclectic feel


Mini Bar at Home with Black and White furniture
Curious to see Custom Designs for Home Bars?


III. Mini Bar at Home Essential Tools

To ensure you’ve got everything you need before you channel your inner mixologist, check out our must-have tools to stock your bar with: 

  • Glassware: Different drinks use different glassware, so think about your favorite cocktails, do some research to determine the right glass, and make sure you have it on your bar cart. Are you a wine lover? Don’t forget to shop glasses for white or red.
  • Essential tools: It’s all about having the necessary tools! You’ll want to ensure you have the basics, like a bottle opener or corkscrew, to more advanced necessities like ice tongs, a mixing glass, a shaker, or a juicer.
  • And of course, your favorite liquor, liqueurs, mixers, and more.

Check some of our favorite Home Bar Essentials in our Amazon Store Front Page!


Mini Bar at Home Decor



Add a personal touch with cool home decor. A beautiful vase that can be filled with your favorite flowers is a no-brainer. We love adding beautiful trays to bar areas. For an extra touch, display glassware with unique designs on the bar; they can serve as both decor and functional glasses. Colorful mixology books are perfect for when inspiration is needed and to spice up the bar cart’s style. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a distinctive piece of art or photo.


Are you having a bit of designer’s block with all of the options out here? We’ve got you covered with three at-home mini bar design ideas for you. The best part is that you can shop these looks right away! You’ll only need to focus on finding the right spot for your mini bar cart at home. 


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