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Edgewater Miami Interior Design: Serene Master Bedroom in Progress

Located right on Biscayne Bay in Edgewater Miami neighborhood, One Paraiso is the definition of luxury oceanfront living. This chic, contemporary building appealed to our clients — a retired couple who has lived all over the world — and they tasked our DKORistas with creating a modern, minimalist, Asian-inspired retreat within their penthouse walls.

Before, we’ve taken you behind the scenes of the design process and showed you the common areas of this Miami penthouse — now it’s time to share the details of the serene master bedroom.

Design Concept

In the master bedroom, the idea was to create a peaceful and elegant space with a touch of Asian flare, in keeping with the whole home’s concept. Here is our design intent for this space.

Edgewater Miami Interior Design Team - Master Bedroom Design
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

Enter this serene and styled space and your eye is drawn to this vignette. Two streamlined lantern-inspired pendant lights flank the deep blue bed, framing it in front of the headboard wall, which is covered in floor-to-ceiling textured wallcovering — we created the illusion of height in this room with material applications like this.

Black details, like in the pendant lights and ceiling fan, were key to make this serene master bedroom Asian/modern and masculine at the same time. A palette of neutral colors, accented with pops of blues and greens, brings in those ocean-inspired scenes that can be admired with the amazing Edgewater Miami penthouse views. The area rug also relates to the ocean’s natural beauty. Overhead, an LED light detail in the ceiling creates a warm and inviting ambiance, while also adding high-tech function to this serene master bedroom.


Edgewater Miami Interior Design Team - Master Bedroom Design
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

Throughout the master bedroom space, we played with materiality, textures, and pieces to create curated features. This cozy corner has all the makings of a refined Asian-inspired vignette. A slatted sideboard with pronounced lines nods to the Earth Art Movement, while a painting by our client contrasts with an abstract touch. Greenery and direct Asian references — like the Buddha decor — really emphasize our vision.


Serene Master Bedroom - Material Selection
Master Bedroom – Material Selections


Progress Onsite – Edgewater Miami Penthouse

While we’re near completion of this Miami Edgewater project, here are a few behind-the-scenes snaps from the process.


Progress on Site - One Paraiso Residences Penthouse


Progress on Site - One Paraiso Residences Penthouse


We love the vibe of this Miami penthouse master bedroom and cannot wait to show you more from the project. Stay tuned to see more progress onsite next! But, if you can’t wait to our next post, take a look at our Facebook Photo Album for more updates!

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