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My dream internship experience at a top interior design firm by Lauren

 internship experience at an Interior design firm by Lauren

When I first walked into the interior design firm, DKOR, I had never truly been exposed to an office like this or a culture as the one they have. I have interviewed and worked at a handful of places and the office is very contemporary with a city feel. When I first arrived I walked to the kitchen because I heard chatter coming from over there. About half of the Miami interior designers were chatting, laughing, and genuinely enjoying each other’s company and that was refreshing to see. Everyone was so nice and welcoming… you could immediately tell everyone loved what they do and where they work.

As an architecture major, I had an idea what a interior design firm would be like, but did not exactly know what to expect. Primarily, I had envisioned they help making a house a home by more picking wall paint, choosing décor, furniture, lighting, etc. By working here I realized there is so much more potential that lies in interior design, specifically at DKOR. Yes, they do the fun aspect of shopping for clients and decorating, but they also change the building envelope and work with architects to enhance their vision of what the home could be. That part I was pleasantly surprised at. They are always pushing the boundary of what they are capable of.

As my first experience in an interior design firm, it was very positive. I watched how the designers collaborated on every aspect of the project, always working as a team, and never as an individual. From the beginning they work together on creating a concept and then at the end come together to turn over the interior design project, even if they are not working on that specific project. Working as a team allows a good idea to become a great idea through other people’s input and exchange of ideas. Not all firms are like this, and now realize this is the type of atmosphere I want to work in when I graduate.

Together with Sophia, DKOR’s intern, I got to experience first-hand being a part of the DKOR process. Ivonne graciously let us design spaces in her home while working with a Miami interior designer to mentor and show us how the team works. We started with learning more about our client and what they envisioned. Next we brainstormed for a concept that would drive the design. Both given a space, we created different options, brainstorming ideas, and looking for ways to improve the design. Then, we finished with a presentation to Ivonne to finalize the design. It was a great project to see how the whole process unfolds.

Interning at DKOR Interiors has been such an amazing experience. They are a fast growing interior design firm with so much potential and it has been exciting to be a part of. I am so excited to keep following them and see where they go. Finding an interior design firm that has their culture, their drive, their excellence will be hard to top. For all the future interns, this is the place you want to be!


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We’re always looking for talented and enthusiastic interns. If you’re interested in a opportunity to work with our team, please reach out to us at Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with Miami’s Top Interior Design firm.

Want to know more about what is the experience of internship at DKOR Interiors like? Check out Ugo’s experience, He was DKOR’s 2015 spring/summer intern.

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