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DKOR Interiors takes on Ft Lauderdale Interior Design – Staging a Contemporary Bedroom

STAGING OUR Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project:


We’re celebrating the final part of the debut to our #DKORlive series on this blog post and we’ve saved our favorite still-life video for last.

Sooooo… Here we go!!

This time, we’re thrilled to present to you with yet another interior styling piece from our Ft Lauderdale Interior Design project. We’ll tease you below with some before and during photos leading up to the final the photos to this perfectly staged bedroom. This time we take a walk upstairs to one of 5 bedrooms located in this contemporary waterfront home.

These stylish booties are a must have during the final stages of our LEGENDARY turnover events (they’re also helpful when protecting wood flooring throughout). This time we didn’t have doggie booties on site so we had to carry our special little visitor, Mr. Magoo when we were walking the space with our celebrity Photographer, Alexia Fodere. Throughout the entire Fort Lauderdale residence, we worked with our window treatment manufacturer sister brand, DKOR Windows & Walls team – Margie and Silvia. They’re typically onsite during their installations to trouble shoot all the final details when hanging window treatments throughout.

Ft Lauderdale Interior Design - Staging Bedroom
Above is a typical take on what the “pre-staging”  space looks like.  This is a view of the headboard wall and although this room looks a bit trashed in this photo, don’t be fooled, things move quickly when it’s close to turnover!
Ft Lauderdale Interior Design - Staging Bedroom
Margaret, one our lead designers, meets with a contractor to make sure the installation of carpentry matches our design renderings and is up to specifications. We also can also take a sneek peek at the walk in closet on the left!
Ft Lauderdale Interior Design - Staging Bedroom
At this angle you can see we’re making progress with the wall unit and TV hung. You can also appreciate the flush baseboard detail.
Ft Lauderdale Interior Design - Staging Bedroom
Back at the headboard wall, we can now see the beginning of our staging process. The area rug is down, bed is built and mattress installed…

Okay.. ENOUGH TEASERS, below is the last part of our 3 part debut of DKORlive! It showcases two members of our team staging the bedroom prior to the final reveal to our client.

Watch as our team stages an empty bedroom in this contemporary waterfront home!


For those of you just now joining us, make sure to check out the #DKORlive still-life videos leading up to this one.

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“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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