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DKOR Interiors takes on Fort Lauderdale Interior Design – Living Room

I can’t tell you how many times someone says to me, “OH WOW! You’re an interior designer?! I’ve always wanted to be a designer. It looks like so much fun!” While this is very flattering, and there are lots of “fun” times,  I need to remind them that the most of the excitement is in the beginning and at the end and there’s LOTS of planning, site visits, GC meetings and motivational car rides back and forth from the job site in between. This is one of our most exciting posts to date This is why we’re so excited to share with you one of our favorite parts of our Fort Lauderdale Interior Design projects – Its STAGING TIME!! 

Lets start with a look from the back of this Ft. Lauderdale contemporary waterfront home. Notice the waterfront view in the reflection of the windows. Today we’re showing off the living room that’s located on the first floor of the middle wing (right behind the large outdoor sectional sofa). Please ignore the empty swimming pool. These are “during shots,” and while we were staging the living room, the backyard was being completed. That was thankfully not part of our scope of work. 🙂

Okay! this is what we’ve been dying to share with you!! our still-life video of the living room coming to life. I will warn you though… we are leaving the best for later… you’ll just have to stay tuned for the final shots of this gorgeous living room.

This is one of our 3 videos that premiered with DKORlive. Watch multiple teams make progress and help contribute to the completion of this Fort Lauderdale contemporary waterfront home.

Getting ready for the most exciting part of all of our projects takes a team. The busiest days start calm and then there is a rush of people to help put it all together. Here we can witness our Fort Lauderdale Interior Design team and others building furniture, making adjustments, cleaning, and setting up equipment. Check out these pictures and a time lapse video days before our professional photo shoot and keep watching DKORlive to get a personal view of how our team makes it happen!

Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Living Room

Check out this view of the living room with the fire place in the background and glass enclosed wine room to the back right corner. Notice the copper trim on the end of the wood beams, a repeating thematic touch that is present in many areas of the home.


Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Living Room

Here’s one of our lead designers Anouk helping snap some time-lapse photos. Photos were taken spontaneously throughout the day catching organic shots of what it took throughout the day to complete this space…

DKOR Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Living Room
Okay, lets get started!! This is our blank canvas!


DKOR Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Living Room
Our team vacuuming the keep everything spotless and discussing placement of furniture and accessories.


Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Living Room

Here’s a better view of the glass enclosed and chilled wine room. You can also notice another peek of the copper trim in the carpentry; it’s all in the details! This wine room is going to take a serious trip to Total Wine with storage for over 300 bottles.

Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Living Room

Here we’ve placed everything near or in its place while they finish up some punch out items that can potentially damage the furniture. Its better to not take any chances and to splurge on painters protective plastic. Having everything in  helps give an idea place gives us a better idea of the space that we’re working with and any missing items we need to purchase last minute to complete the space.

Fort Lauderdale Interior Design Living Room

Here’s one more sneak peek at the dining room. I love this view from the staircase looking down at the table, light fixture, and of course a view that truly makes this a waterfront home – of course without the pool workers.

Visit us on Houzz to see more of our projects.

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