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Dkor Interiors Collaborates with Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale

With the stunning details in fashion that have emerged in Fall 2015 DKOR is so excited to announce our collaboration with Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale.   The texture and detail rich collections of designers Herve Leger, Halston, Brunelo Cucinelli, Chloe, and more were hand selected by the Fort Lauderdale public relations team to coordinate beautifully with the style of our client and furnishings in their new Harbor Beach home.

Fashion and interior design details of each new season evolve from similar inspirations.  Intricate stitching, layered materials, and combinations of print and texture are found in the luxury designs of furniture lines like B& B Italia, Busnelli, Alivar, and Bross.  Read more about the fashion details we loved from this Fall 2015 season and the furniture that inspired the turn key client wardrobe.


The concept of the Busneslli laser cut leather chairs with chrome detail evolved from the woven weave of a net and that same combination of a weave with metal detail is found in the Brunello Cucinelli  sweater vest with its chunky woven knit and silver beaded trim in the V neck.

Dkor Collaborates with Neiman Marcus

Busnelli Arete Chair  |  Brunello Cucinelli Sweater vest


We lust for those classic fashion pieces such as the St. John Milano Knit tie with elegant lapel detail and stitching on the tie belt of the fabric. The stitching details reminded us of the B&B Italia’s Ray sofa  with the contrasting stitch detail.

Dkor Collaborates with Neiman Marcus

St. John Milano Knit Tie  |  B&B Italia Ray Sofa


A gilded application to fabric adds the perfect touch of sheen for an accessory to be more of a statement. We loved pairing the gilded pillows from Thread Count with the soft taupe of the sofa upholstery and imagine that the metallic Herve Leger Bandage Dress would be perfect when paired with a soft silky accessory.

Dkor Interiors Collaborates with Neiman Marcus

Herve Leger Bandage Dress  |  Thread Count Pillows



It’s all in the details…gold details that is. Just as the added bit of gold hardware on the neckline of the Halston Heritage cap sleeve blouse is a no jewelry required top we believe that same concept applies to the custom carpentry that we installed in the clients ceiling details.  These are the subtle and elegant details that finish the whole look.

Dkor Collaborates with Neiman Marcus

Halston Heritage  Cap Sleeve Blouse  |  Custom Carpentry Designed by DKOR Interiors



The teal and chevron combination found in the mosaic tile from Casa Cielo tile in Miami Design District added instant interest to the look of the luxury cabana bathroom. The fun use of teal and pattern on the woven Herve Leger skirt has the same added interest in your wardrobe.

Dkor Collaborates with Neiman Marcus

Casa Cielo Tile in Miami Design District  |  Herve Leger Collection


A hint of crystal beaded details is all you need and the Brunello Cucinelli necklace and the leather wrap element does just that for your wardrobe. But if your adding the sparkle to your interiors look for touches of hand appliqued beading and leather piping trim like the details of this beaded applique pillow.

Dkor Interiors collaborates with Neiman Marcus

Brunello Cucinelli Collection  |  Thread Count Pillows



Be bold and be daring. A good piece be it a garment or an accessory adds personality.  The elegant Emilio Pucci blouse sexy nude lace with bold yellow trim is super hot.   In our interior inspired version, the neutral backdrop of the Madeline Denaro painting from Addison Gallery  mixes strong colors and painting techniques that have a neutral element making it timeless and elegant.

Dkor Collaborates with Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale

Emilio Pucci Blouse  |  Addison Gallery Painting

Thank you Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale for this exciting collaboration and the expertise of your styling team for our client.   We can’t wait to reveal more of the Neiman Marcus collections and some behind the scenes of how the wardrobe came together. 


“Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.”

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