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Discover Miami Interior Design team essence through a meaningful internship experience

Miami Interior Design team

In trying to explain my story I could go on and write infinite things I have learned in my DKOR internship experience. I could tell you how I was able to explore the many phases of interior design, and because of this, I have a broader understanding of this industry. I have learned the theory of interior design and actually visualized and taken part of its execution. I could also express how, undoubtedly, it has given me a valuable and rewarding experience, but I won’t.

See, at DKOR they do this great thing called “the battle of the noun”. At the beginning of each project, the entire Miami interior design team gathers to review a future project and then divides into teams to find the essence of the interior design project through a noun. This noun, that is ultimately picked, will be the word which guides the direction and theme of the project. So instead of me flaunting about my amazing time here at the DKOR studio, I would like to list a few nouns that I feel reflect DKOR and give you, like it would a client with a project’s noun, a perspective of DKOR’s essence.

Word1A group of designers who are always looking for innovative ways to create spaces that will transcend your expectations.


Working in a group is key to their true success. Many minds together are better than a lonely one!


A lively choreographed environment, always in sync and to the rhythm of the project’s pace.

Miami Interior Design team essence

A team that intuitively create verbal and non-verbal communication channels that promote cohesion in their everyday tasks. Like completing each other sentences.

and finally…

Miami Interior Design team essence

Since day 1, these incredible DKORistas have embraced me with open arms and made me a part of their team.

Miami Interior Design team

If you are a young designer looking for the opportunity to develop and grow as a professional, DKOR is a Miami interior design team that opens the doors for you to do so as long as you are proactive and fully immersed in the experience.

I am thankful for being given the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about what they do!

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My family, and the fact that I can be a support for them. I’m a dreamer, my dreams keep me inspired. The DKOR team’s good vibes and the team culture we’ve developed in the studio is something that makes me want to come to work everyday.

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