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Discover A Traditional Bathroom with a Modern Twist in Fort Lauderdale

Continuing our reveal of a recent Fort Lauderdale home project, we’re excited to now share with you one of the guest bathrooms. We love designing luxury bathrooms like this traditional bathroom with a modern twist because it gives us the full freedom to create a jewel box effect in a small space.

While the common areas of this home feature a neutral palette with small accents of color reminiscent of the waterfront, this traditional bathroom design puts a splash of azure blue front and center.


Bright, bold and elegant, this guest bathroom features blue tiling as the protagonist with lots of gold and brass details. It falls into the category of ‘traditional bathrooms with modern twist,’ blending elegant silhouettes with organic textures like the luxurious marble countertops.

When asked what their favorite part about this bathroom was, our team of designers had a difficult time deciding. The reason is there are many exquisite details. From the decorative wall sconces to the unique textured brass hardware, it is really a highlight of the home.

Traditional Bathroom with a Modern Twist by DKOR Interiors

We loosely drew inspiration from Morocco for this wow-worthy bathroom, including both the colorful tiles as well as an elegantly arched antique gold leaf mirror. The wall opposite the tiling is painted white. You can see that from this vantage point. The white tones provide a break for the eyes from the intensity of the blue.


Traditional Bathroom with a Modern Twist by DKOR Interiors

When you take a closer look at the hardware in this traditional bathroom design, everything is designed to match beautifully. The brushed gold finish provides a delicate contrast with the white marble countertops and blue tiles. We choose a matte, rather than a glossy finish to create a glam effect without being too flashy.

We wanted the slender handles of the vanity cabinet to be delicate and stylish, matching with the aesthetics in the rest of this bathroom.

There’s nothing more luxurious than marble and gold, right? This bathroom may be limited on square footage, but it delivers maximum visual appeal.

Traditional Bathroom with a Modern Twist by DKOR Interiors

We chose two Utopia Small Double Bath Sconces from Circa Lighting to be a focal point in this traditional bathroom design. Providing light on both ends, these sconces illuminate the mirror and the rest of the room while providing much more style than recessed ceiling lights.

From the side, you can see the unique texture of the sconce, which brings an organic and contemporary element into the bathroom.

Our aim was create a spa-like sanctuary with this shower, so we built a walk-in tiled room with a glass door. The patterned wooden floors continue into the shower. As a result, it creates a warm, welcoming space that is both energizing as well as soothing. There is also a floating bench in the shower that isn’t shown in these photos.

Whether you’re in the process of researching traditional bathrooms with a modern twist, luxury powder rooms, or new builds in general, we hope that our projects serve as inspiration. Our goal is to always share creativity with you because everyone deserves to feel like their home is their oasis.

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