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Interior Design Project: Detailed Minimalism 

Detailed Minimalism


We at DKOR Interiors are proud to present a new blog series about the entire interior design process, from the beginning discovery meetings to its perfect photo-op finish!

Our new series takes you behind the scenes and beyond the before and after pictures to reveal how we transform the complete look of your residence or business from concept to construction to handpicked furniture and accessories.

Let’s start with a residential project we finished earlier this year. Here, our clients were a Brazilian couple with four children who each had personal needs to be met. We helped them transform their pseudo-Tuscan home in the suburbs of Miami, Florida into a deceptively detailed minimalist dream home, which reflected their personality and met their real requirements for living well and beautifully.


Detailed Minimalism

The clients came to us with a home, which they knew had real potential. Filled with earthen colors, dark wood floors and limited natural light, its rooms felt dim and dated. Previously living in a home not large enough to accommodate their needs, the family felt the scale of this new house would offer enough space for the father to telecommute at home, to gather for family meals in the dining room, to play, learn and grow in the craft and media room, to cook together in their spacious kitchen and to allow for privacy in their own bedrooms. In terms of interior design, we realized with the family that what they craved was the complete opposite of their existing house. They wanted large open spaces, floating design elements and a fresh modern design, which focused on light and contemporary minimalism. Moreover, they wished for their new home to bring a sense of calm, clarity and structure to their busy lives.

Once we knew what the clients hoped to achieve, we formed a Concept Presentation, which is the designer’s visual proposal that walks the client through the creative process of designing based on their prior conversations with the client.

Learn more about the Concept Presentation for this detailed minimalist dream home in our next post!

Check back soon for more about this project!



Check back soon for more about this project! 

We pride ourselves in surpassing the focus of design by delivering luxurious and innovative homes that directly correlate to our client’s needs.

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