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Designing a Master Bedroom in Turnberry Sunny Isles

Our Turnberry Sunny Isles project is the perfect example of how our interior designers can harness the full potential of a condo by transforming it into a luxurious home. Tasked with designing a master bedroom that would harmonize with the stunning ocean views outside the property, our designers took a confined space and made it feel open, light, and serene.

No matter what the size of a room, our talented designers have techniques to make it appear larger. Case in point: by adjusting the colors and scale of this master bedroom, it appears spacious, rather than crowded.

By taking full advantage of vertical space, it has all of the essentials required of a bedroom, plus an additional seating area. Our design team used a pared-down coastal color palette, sparkling statement fixtures and natural materials. Materials like tinted glass, stone, and elegant wood make the end result a breath of fresh sea air.


When designing a bedroom with space restrictions, it helps to choose low-slung furniture like this low bed and short nightstands. Keeping furniture close to the ground amplifies the space above the bed, making the room feel larger. The headboard blends seamlessly with the sleek wallcovering behind it, furthering the expansive feel.

While the side of the room with the bed is clean and minimal, the opposite side features a large TV wall. We built this unit for storage, shelving, and entertainment. By adding it, we created a focal point in the room that is also highly functional.



The mixture of open shelves and closed storage on the TV wall provides a place to store and display. With backlighting, the shelves glow with precious objects that tell the story of the home.

designing a master bedroom with dkor interiors

A place to enjoy the view, read, and/or drink coffee in the mornings, this cozy seating area adds a special touch to the bedroom. While this room is undoubtedly beautiful, we also wanted it to be highly liveable. This functional chair and table will be used over and over as a comfy place to perch.

Instead of bright colors like teal and coral that are typically linked to coastal homes, we took a more subtle, natural approach. Earthy, organic materials like stone, wood, and natural fiber wallcoverings are found throughout the condo, including in this master bedroom.

This pendant fixture serves as both a source of ambient light and an artistic statement piece. The biomorphic glass structure recalls a seashell floating in the water, bringing us back to the original intent behind this project.

With crisp lines, this beautiful corner of the room has a sleek coastal feel accented by sparkling glass objects reminiscent of the sea floor. All of the materials come together here to create an oasis of calm.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at this master bedroom. Keep checking in as we reveal more from this stunning Turnberry condo in the Sunny Isles.

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