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Designer Tips for How to Set Up Your Work From Home Office


After 10 months of working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s now our new normal. Remote work means lots of videoconferencing calls, which in turn means what’s behind you really matters. How many of us had a professional-looking office space before this? I bet not many!

Well, now’s the time to whip your home office design into shape for yourself and for those looking at your office through a camera. 

For you, it’s important to add in little touches that help to keep you feeling inspired and productive. For your coworkers, clients, and anyone you video chat with, you’ll want a well-thought-out backdrop that will translate your personality in a polished and professional way. 

Having a properly styled space can make a big difference, that’s why we’ve prepared our best design tips on how to set up your work from home office for videoconferencing. 



How to Set Up Your Work From Home Office – Tips and Tricks 


I. Location & Orientation

Do a little tour of your home or apartment and look for areas with potential to set up your desk or home office area. One of the first things to consider is having enough space for a workstation:. Don’t just make sure a desk and chair can fit, really live in the space to determine if it’s comfortable. For example, do you have enough space to stretch and move your legs freely? Is there enough natural light or a good non-natural light source? Is it in a quiet spot of the house? 

Think about all of these things to find an area you’ll be comfortable in for at least eight hours each weekday. If you’re not relaxed and comfortable at your desk, your coworkers will notice through the camera! 

Now that you’ve found the area, it’s time to determine the orientation of your office. What will you face when you’re seated at your desk? Is there an interesting window view or an empty wall where you can add decorative touches like wall art or quotes to keep you inspired?

Check out the concept behind this modern home office design!



II. Lighting is Key

Lighting can be tricky when it comes to videoconferencing; you don’t want to be in complete shadows or blown out because it’s too bright in your office. Not only will the right lighting keep you looking good on video calls, but it can also impact eyestrain. When we’re spending so much time looking at screens these days, it’s important to be good to our eyes. 

A space rich with natural light is perfect. Find your natural light source and move around to see where the light reflects better. If it’s limited or non-existent, make sure to buy a good desk lamp. (Check out our designer approved desk decor here!) Place it on your desk so that it’s above and behind your computer, rather than off to one side, for proper illumination.


III. Eliminate Clutter

Avoid excess background clutter and eliminate potential items that may distract your coworkers during Zoom calls. Keep things organized and try to keep personal elements (like your undone bed, clothes hamper, breakfast plates, etc.) hidden from the camera’s view.  

This might go without saying, but if your bed can be seen on camera, make sure it’s made each day. (It’s a good habit to get into anyway!) Also, perhaps your bed linens need a little refresh. Take stock and invest in a new duvet or throw pillows.




IV. Show Your Style

If you’ve followed our steps, your space is perfectly oriented, well-lit, and clean as a whistle. Now it’s time to make your backdrop a reflection of you! How? Add home decor that represents your style and personality. Framed art, well-organized and styled bookcases, or fresh greenery will enhance your coworkers’ view and give off a professional vibe. For our favorite decor picks, visit our Amazon finds!



Since we might be working from home a bit longer or more regularly, take the time to re-evaluate your home office and reinvigorate it with some style. We hope our tips for how to set up your work from home office have helped. We only wish we could join your next video call to see your new space. Feel proud of your WFH workstation!


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