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Design Inspiration: A Colorful Bal Harbour Home Design

Colorful Bal Harbour Home Design by DKOR Interiors


We here at DKOR love neutrals. They’re classic, chic, and translate flawlessly to a timeless home. But, of course, we love color tooan all-neutral home with no pop of color anywhere could be quite boring. Well, this Bal Harbour home, filled with a rainbow of hues, is anything but mundane.

Designed for a family of six from Mexico, this new construction home will be packed to the brim with whimsy and irreverence. The family’s matriarch wanted a modern, kid-friendly aesthetic, filled with bold patterns and statements, and dotted with creative, fun details. She wanted the design of her home to be extraordinary.

So our team reached deep into their designer bag of tricks and dreamed up a concept befitting of Alice In Wonderland. In our concept, “Modern Wonderland: A Playful Contemporary Journey for All Your Senses”, we’ll utilize color theory to evoke feelings and emotions throughout the home. Cheerful bursts of color will appear on door frames, moldings, and in carefully chosen vignettes. Each room or space will be assigned a color, meant to infuse the space with a particular feeling.


Colorful Bal Harbour Home Design by DKOR Interiors


On the first floor, you can see how we’ve distributed the colors throughout so as the family moves through the spaces, they’re feeling all the emotions in the daily adventure of life. The kitchen and breakfast nook will have green accents for generosity, luck, and health—very apropos. The guest bedroom and the hallway from the garage, which will be the family’s main day-to-day entry point, are accented with orange for warmth, enthusiasm, and vitality.


Colorful Bal Harbour Home Design by DKOR Interiors



In the foyer, we’ve chosen pink to translate the emotions of caring, compassion, and love. Since this will be where guests enter the home, it’s important for them to feel the family’s love right from the very moment they step inside. A pink console table and vases provide just the right amount of the vibrant hue.



Colorful Bal Harbour Home Design by DKOR Interiors


The stairwell isn’t just a necessary architectural element, it’s a design statement. The bold floral wallpaper and glass railing, ensure there’s no missing this spot. The hints of orange lend warmth and vitality to a space that will be used daily.


Living and Dining Rooms

Colorful Bal Harbour Home Design by DKOR Interiors


In the home’s open floor plan, the living and dining rooms blend into each other, as well as the stairwell. So we chose yellow, an equally vibrant citrus hue, to complement the stairwell’s orange. Yellow spreads happiness, optimism, and imagination throughout these two rooms, which is where the family will do a majority of their entertaining. You can spot the sunny shade applied to the molding on the bookshelf arch over the dining table.

Can’t wait to feast your eyes on the rest of this rainbow residence? Keep checking back for updates on this Bal Harbour Home.


On Site



Living room molding in the making!


Reviewing with our carpenter dining room arch specifications



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