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Design Destination: The DKORista’s Guide to Midtown and Wynwood Miami

If you live in our city, or simply visited it, you have probably heard about Wynwood Miami! This is the latest artsy and upcoming spot. But, have you heard about its nearby neighbor: Midtown? If you want to kill two birds with one stone, it is a good idea to visit both neighborhoods in one day. We suggest you start in Midtown, enjoy a bite to eat there, then head out to Wynwood. Spend the afternoon and end the day there, inspired by all the art surrounding you. Just follow our guide below!

First things first, in Midtown, even though it is in the same area, the design shops are apart from each other so you might want to take your car or have your ridesharing app ready to go. The Midtown area is in full expansion. In the past two to three years, high rise buildings have just popped out of nowhere! The neighborhood is starting to find its own character with the main area being the Shops at Midtown, mainly due to the Target there. Although in the surrounding area, great design stores have opened to complement the existing furniture showrooms.

Midtown Miami

Furniture and Accessories Shops

Midtown Miami Furniture and Home Decor Stores


  • West Elm is one of our favorite stops for accessories when we stage projects. From accent pillows to kitchen-ware, they have eclectic pieces that always seem to work! This location is a nice size and the showroom always looks great!
  • Across the street, the higher end Brazilian furniture brand Saccaro opened a new, large showroom. This store will surprise you, it has nature inspired pieces with gorgeous artisanal touches.
  • Another classic brand that we typically specify online is Modshop. They opened their new showroom here in Midtown. The budget-friendly brand has some sharp looking accent pieces!
  • Addison House opened two years ago a sizeable showroom at the upper part of Midtown. It is one of the main vendors for Italian furnishings in Miami.
  • A key design and furnishings shop in the area as well is Clima Outdoors. We enjoy bringing our clients here to show them contemporary outdoor furnishings.
  • Mia Cucina’s latest showroom is right above Clima and is one of the top kitchen vendors in Miami. If you are looking for Italian quality carpentry, unique design details, and top customer service, this kitchen vendor is for you!
  • Speaking about Italian quality, the emblematic brand Poltrona Frau is also in the Midtown neighborhood. Stop there to find luxurious Italian furnishings.
Midtown Miami Furniture Stores - Addison House
DKORista’s Guide to Midtown – Addison House


Designer Guide to Midtown Miami - Clima Outdoors
Clima Outdoors and Mia Cucina



Wynwood Miami

Guide to Wynwood Miami - Wynwood Walls

All right, you are ready to continue your shopping and design tour. Take an Uber or drive a couple of blocks South-West to reach Wynwood Miami. Find a parking spot near The Walls, which is considered the center of the neighborhood. As soon as you will get out of the car and head to 2nd Street you will see so much inspiration everywhere! It is almost overwhelming. The façades, the floors, the stores and art galleries all have something to say. This is street art at its best! Walk around and head to the below stores to continue searching for the perfect furniture piece, accessory or if you are simply looking for inspiration.

Colorful Walls Around Wynwood Miami - Design Inspiration
Design Inspiration: Colorful Walls Around Wynwood Miami

Furniture and Accessories Shops

  • The exciting “new guy on the block” is Maison du Monde! If you do not know this brand, you have to take a moment and go check it out. It is the very first showroom they open in the USA. This brand is very popular in Europe and in France particularly. It is known for it’s budget-friendly cool and funky accessories, but also furniture pieces.
  • In Wynwood, you will be surprised to learn that there is a Meridiani showroom! Our top Miami interior designers at DKOR love this Italian brand. It is hard to find showrooms that have their pieces in the US. This brand is not most economic, but it is known for its excellent quality.
  • Exquisite surfaces’ showroom makes a design statement right when you walk in. The double height walls are covered in decorative tiles as if to hint at all the wall art in the area. This company offers curated flooring and wall material options like reclaimed and specialty tiles and wood.
  • The Italian company Illimit also decided to call Wynwood home. We often pass by this showroom to find inspiration. Their monochromatic vignettes and furnishings all have a particular feel, between an organic and contemporary minimalistic style.
  • If you are looking for furnishings that are almost works of art and exclusive collections, head to Ralph Pucci. This American entrepreneur and originally mannequin manufacturer represents furniture designers from all around the world. This showroom is an art gallery as well.
  • One of the latest furniture showrooms to open in Wynwood is the extravagant and innovative in-and-outdoor brand, Vondom. This Spanish brand is well established in Europe and is now growing in the US market with its flagship store in Miami. Definitely stop by to see their now iconic pieces!
  • And to end your design spot tour, you can walk in this newcomer on the block: Patrizia Bozzi Designs. This young brand is airy, bohemian yet classic. A different look for Miami!


Guide to Wynwood Miami - Maison du Monde
Maison du Monde in Wynwood Miami


Guide to Wynwood Miami - Meridiani
Meridiani Showroom – Wynwood Miami

Design Inspiration

In the afternoon and in between design stores in Wynwood, check out the art galleries and cute shops scattered around. Make sure you pop in and walk through a few of them. You will always find inspiration. Don’t think that the amazing wall murals are the only thing to see here. Take advantage and let colors, shapes, and people amaze and fill you with all the creative energy that is in the air here.

What about you? What are your favorite design spots in Midtown and Wynwood Miami? We know this is not an exhaustive list but rather a starting point for you, our designer friend. Wishing this will spark some inspiration, by giving our readers our insider design spots, in Miami.

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